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Two Kingdoms Is Protestant

With all due respect to my fellow Outhouser who approvingly linked us to Carl Trueman’s response to Jason Stellman’s developed views, there is a better way to assess the correlation between those views and two kingdom theology. The latter is … Continue reading

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If You’re In The Neighborhood

Matthew Tuininga is doctoral candidate in Ethics and Society at Emory University in Atlanta, is currently writing his dissertation on John Calvin’s two kingdoms theory, and is licensed to preach in the United Reformed Churches of North America. He also blogs at … Continue reading

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Just Asking

Here is a video that has been making the rounds lately. I have to admit, normally this kind of thing wouldn’t make so much as a blip on my own radar. True, one kind of revivalist publicly exposing another kind … Continue reading

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More from “Christian in America”

More precisely, the virtues of human experience, intuition, and consensus may well outpace the impulse to reach for written revelation or philosophical argument in the public square. What I want to suggest here is that Calvin’s lack of a theoretical development … Continue reading

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We Don’t Need the Enlightenment to Know the Government Shouldn’t Enforce True Religion

Anymore than we need the Bible to know stealing is wrong. But the Bible also seems to have something to say about physically enforcing the true religion and punishing everything else. Advocates of two kingdom theology are sometimes disparaged by … Continue reading

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Life Is In Our Face Right Now

That was the quip my evangelical neighbor laid on me last night. Giving the dog her daily constitutional, I had stopped to exercise my porchiness with him and his wife. I said I liked that line and needed to write … Continue reading

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Watch What You Say…

Pastor Jim Cassidy contemplates two kingdom theology and concludes with a worry that it …may in fact cause Christians to lose their greatest apologetic and witnessing opportunities. This is because while the unbeliever and the believer may not have any … Continue reading

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Dr. Noe, Shot in the Back, Get It?

In response to David Noe’s recent pondering on whether it is all that accurate to speak of “Christian education,” Nelson Kloosterman thinks he’s being shot in the back.  That seems a little dramatic. Others are enlisting Machen on the necessity … Continue reading

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What Hath the Three Rs To Do With The Three Persons?

In the latest issue of Ordained Servant (with thanks to Old Life), David Noe is an Assistant Professor of Classics at Calvin College who, by way of exploring the differences between nouns and verbs and adjectives,  seems to have arrived … Continue reading

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We Can B Xuberant, 2 or Happy Belated April Fool’s Day

This logo is the Outhouse’s two kingdoms answer to the Gospel Coalition’s transformationist hipness and spiritual exuber-o-sity. And it doesn’t stop there. Oh no, we may even transform the off-putting name of “Outhouse” into something more akin to “Adventures Foundation.” … Continue reading

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Caught Between the Scylla and Charybdis

David Van Drunen recently answered a few questions by Chris Cooper at “Credo’s” blog. One answer struck me as particularly insightful, very likely because it captures what my own sense was all those years ago as a smoldering wick within … Continue reading

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It’s Funny Because It’s True

Mark Mitchell at the Front Porch Republic wants to make an important distinction between patriotism and nationalistic exceptionalism. Drawing on Edmund Burke, the basic idea is that “…love naturally begins with the small, local, and personal and emanates outward from … Continue reading

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Golf Clap, Curmudgeon

The Christian Curmudgeon offers up some sane advice for those given to the immodest impulses of pietism and activism. So there you have it. If you experience “entertainment addiction,” here are two paths to recovery. Pietism: Confess, pray, read the … Continue reading

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Attention Rushies and Beckies

You may not be as conservative as ye think. Darryl Hart’s latest is, of course, good for an expanded commentary on what it means to be conservative in America. But for those looking for a more succinct but no less … Continue reading

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A Crucial Question: Westminster on Bonhoeffer

Indeed, what part of Romans 13 or 1 Peter 2 implies that civil disobedience, to say nothing of conspiracy to assassinate a magistrate, is a Christian virtue? The Valiant for Truth wonders: Here’s a crucial question: should “minister of the … Continue reading

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