Tag update

We have a temporary tag.  “It’s lonely out here” comes from the original comment by Zrim on the Riddleblog that inspired this blog.

 Thanks for the suggestions, some may yet be used.  

Zrim and others may be posting here sometime soon.

We truly live in exciting times.    


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2 Responses to Tag update

  1. Just classic. Even better if you add “Will somebody pass the bread and wine?”

    Mazel mazel, everyone. Good things.


  2. stevezrim says:

    And just think…tomorrow’s my birthday.

    Keeping in the spirit of JJS’s benediction a la Alec Baldwin, and from the same movie a la Phillip Seymour Harris, “Let ‘er ride!” I love those guys, they “crack” me up…sigh, the potty jokes have just got to stop.


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