The American Dream: Entrepreneurialism Discovers Jesus

Albino enjoyed my citation of humor in another post, and Rube wondered whether the whole place was becoming a house of, ahem, poo.

So when my friend sent me a link recently and my wife and I laughed hysterically, I immediately thought I ought to post the link so we could have another round of laughs. On the other hand, the web site in question is a sad reminder of the state of the Church today, so while this post will undoubtedly solicit howls of laughter, further reflection may bring forth tears for those who are lost to a false Gospel.

I seem to recall a certain Lord of ours rather upset over the abuse of religion in His time for monetary gains. I suppose that they flow from self-centered assumptions regarding the “practical uses of religion” that pervade the human psyche since the Fall. John Calvin called the human heart an idol factory, and despite the Protestant victory over the Roman establishment 490 years ago, history is repeating itself. One need only walk through the local “Family Christian Bookstores” to see that there are big bucks to be made in the selling of what this cynic prefers to call “Jesus Junk”.

As a free market capitalist I can hardly blame a guy for making a buck where he can (Joel Osteen certainly has found his way to the fullest life) but I genuinely fear for the eternal fate of those who use the name of our Holy God to get rich in this life. No matter how much I may laugh at some of this stuff, deeper considerations of what exactly is at stake makes it a tough call… to laugh, or to cry?

Here is a website dedicated to the highest quality Jesus Junk you can find:

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3 Responses to The American Dream: Entrepreneurialism Discovers Jesus

  1. Rana says:

    a few weeks ago we watched one of the pentecostal videos on that site and my daughter kept asking why are they barking? why are they crawling on the floor like doggies? i didn’t know what to say. crazy stuff out there.

    the guy who started that site was in seminary back when i was at WTSCA.

  2. Rick says:

    Has everyone seen THIS SITE yet?

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