Daily Confession

Surely you’ve run across countless “Verse of the Day ” services on the internet, but I am inaugurating a new “Daily Confession“, which will enable you (in under 5 minutes/day, on average) to read all of the historic, reformed confessional standards (Westminster and Three Forms of Unity) in one year. Come Jan 1 2008, DailyConfession.wordpress.com will begin a weekly rotation of excerpts as follows:

  • Lord’s Days: Heidelberg Catechism
  • Mondays: Children’s Catechism
  • Tuesdays: Westminster Shorter Catechism
  • Wednesdays: Belgic Confession
  • Thursdays: Westminster Larger Catechism
  • Fridays: Canons of Dordt
  • Saturdays: Westminster Confession

(Note that the Children’s Catechism is not actually a standard that anybody confesses, but as a simplification of the Shorter Catechism it is still historically Reformed, and hey, there are 7 days in the week I gotta fill!)

As we all know (and the standards themselves affirm), confessional artifacts are not inspired or infallible, but are simply systematic summaries of scripture. As such, part and parcel with the standards are their scriptural proofs. Each scriptural reference will be presented in the text as a clickable link to the ESV of that text, from BibleGateway.com, so that the Biblical foundation for the confessional statements will be at your fingertips.

Although Daily Confession is hosted by a blogging platform, it is not a blog. Daily Confession will be a read-only service, so there is no worry about getting entangled in endless online debates. (If you’re into that kind of thing, you no doubt already know of plenty of other venues for that!) As a matter of fact, the idea is not for you to ever visit the site at all (although you’re certainly welcome), but to read the daily snippets through a subscription of some sort. You can receive the daily readings via email, or if you’re familiar with RSS you can subscribe that way as well. Internet Explorer 7 can subscribe to RSS feeds. Firefox offers “Live Bookmarks “, and add-on RSS aggregators like Sage. If you use Gmail, you might find it convenient to use Google Reader . If you prefer to have your subscription delivered to you via Email, you could use free online services like Feedburner or RSSFWD.

In order to give everybody time to activate a subscription before Jan 1, I have posted the end of the 2007 rotation (Dec 25-31) at DailyConfession.wordpress.com. I hope you’ll click on over to check it out, and join me in becoming more familiar with the historically Reformed understanding of God’s Word!

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5 Responses to Daily Confession

  1. Rick says:

    Looks good rube.

    To all Sitters, sorry I’ve been gone, but I’m making my way back. Turns out that I’m just not good on the internets.

  2. Zrim says:


    Check your email…seems a saint is coming our way right soon.

  3. Rick says:

    So we’ve given Hyde sainthood?

    Anyway, did you think I didn’t know Hyde was preaching at my Church?

  4. Zrim says:

    Yeah, let’s “John Paul” him and fast-track him to sainthood. He’s helped me quite a few times.

    No, it was less to do with knowledge about his preaching and more about getting together.

  5. Rick says:


    for a laugh, mouse over the link without clicking it – it’s what I think his blog should be called.

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