Before I Leave for the Weekend…

Somewhere between interviewing another candidate to fill our pulpit Saturday afternoon, hearing him preach Sunday morning and then traveling over to TURC to hear Outhouse St. Hyde preach in the evening, as well as various and painfully ordinary things (like finally getting that wreath off the front of the garage in the midst of some Arctic air dropping down) I might read this little piece over again. Some Outhouse readers might like it as well.

With a “contrarian view” like this seems Gordon might be headed straight for the wooden planks of the Outhouse. Ok, I could do without stuff like, “Our culture is more integrated, and racial bigotry and injustice are routinely decried (though still practiced, in some locales, though discreetly). Indeed, I can say as one reared in Richmond, Virginia in the fifties and sixties, that I believe that on this particular score, we are a far more Christian nation than we were when I was a child, and I am entirely delighted by the progress.” It’s not that I want what I would guess to be either’s version of a “Christian nation,” but a bit more Neil Young-ish than Ronnie Van Sant-ish for me, even though I have owned a lot more of the former’s music. Neil Young is clearly more talented.

But who cares? That piece is swallowed up by the whole. Good stuff for any 2K adherent.

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3 Responses to Before I Leave for the Weekend…

  1. David R. says:

    Yeah, it’s a really helpful and provocative essay. I took his comment on the decrease of racial bigotry as more of an exposing of the narrow vision of those who would hold up pre-60s America as some sort of golden age (rather than testifying to any pro-lefty inclinations of his own).

  2. Rick says:

    Thanks for the link – I’ve never read it.

    I think we all need to do an e-hug.

    The internets stress me out, dude – The weekend is welcomed. I just saw that a popular baptist blog might take up a discussion on the Federal Vision. I resisted the temptation to do a “hit-and-run” comment that would have asked them why Baptists even care about it and that it wasn’t their fight. I have the feeling their going to end up trashing all confessional Reformed/Presbyterians.

    Well, anyway have a good weekend, Zrim. See you in Church.

  3. Joe Brancaleone says:

    That quote you said you could do without probably should not be taken too far. I see it as a “for the sake of argument”… implicitly granting the unhelpful term “Christian nation”, one can appeal to other X,Y, and Z factors and turn the argument around on those who decry the decline of the “Christian nation”. He goes on to explain why the phrase is unhelpful.


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