You probably have seen this announced on a few other blogs already, but it’s worth mentioning here too. The Rev. Daniel Hyde’s commentary on the Belgic Confession has just been released. CLICK HERE for With Heart and Mouth.
Or, WHAM! (not to be confused with Wham!) as it will be called here at The Confessional Outhouse (we love acronyms and abbreviations).


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2 Responses to WHAM!

  1. Danny Hyde says:

    As an outhouse saint, I declare to all my devotees, that an indulgence from my super-erogated gifts and graces shall be yours for the price of $24.00 . . .

  2. Zrim says:


    Stll haven’t shaken off ALL the Romanism, eh? That’s OK, many confessionalists haven’t shaken off all their evangelicalism either. Guess the forms are correct when they tell us sanctification is a long, arduous road, that even the holiest of us make but a small step this side of glory.

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