Tabular Comparisons

In the spirit of the Daily Confession blog and the Outhouse’s own single-page, scripture-linked versions of the Westminster and Three Forms standards, I am pleased to offer you a link to a Tabular Comparison of the Westminster and London Baptist Confessions, at James Anderson’s From the same site is also available a three-way comparison that includes the Savoy Declaration and differences in the Westminster Confession between 1646 and the American revision (extended from the former by Don Lowe). [HT: Paul Manata of Triablogue]

ABaptist Documents in the Reformed Familynd if that online resource is not enough for all you confession-wonks out there you can buy more of the same in hardcopy: James Renihan (WSCAL’s Baptist-in-residence) has recently had True Confessions: Baptist Documents in the Reformed Family published by RBAP (also available from the WSCAL bookstore). True Confessions compares not only LBC and Savoy with Westminster, but there are also side-by-side comparisons of catechisms, exhaustive comparisons of the many revisions of the Baptist confessions, etc. (you can read the list from the cover photo).

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5 Responses to Tabular Comparisons

  1. Rick says:

    I need to be more charitable, I almost paged Dr. Muller again.

  2. RubeRad says:

    Don’t be hatin’!

    As I noted, Renihan is the official Baptist-in-residence at WSCAL, so I’m sure a majority of Outhouse Saints would vouch for him.

    And if you take a gander at either of the tabular comparison links, you’ll see how much in common LBC has with Westminster. Obviously it is a direct descendant. So there’s no reason to assume he’s one of the in-TULIP-only “Calvinists” that Muller describes.

    As confessionalists, we should be cheering on adherents to the LBC. Surely it’s a giant step in the right direction for your average anti-confessional, biblicist, fundie, congregationalist Baptist!

  3. Rick says:

    I was just messin’ around

    Yeah, I’m aware of the similarities – It is the Westminster minus what they didn’t agree with. I love Baptists, dude. I’m just not in love with them.

    I applaud Baptist confessionalists… they have my respect; I just can’t call them Reformed confessionalists.

    The non-confessional Baptists who call themselves Reformed are the ones who bother me.

  4. Echo_ohcE says:

    But it’s Rome that I really hate!

    I went to the Vatican once. The glory and splendor of the place left me breathless and speechless, having no idea what to say or do in response, but thinking it’d be a pretty good idea to kneel. I had never felt compelled to kneel ever before that.

    And then I remembered that the place was built with the blood of the saints, and that it was built with the selling of indulgences.

    So I left, and never looked back.

    Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great!

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