Standards and Subscription

The Outlook has republished the first of two articles by Dr. Louis Praamsma (Calvin Seminary, 1962-63) originally published in the October 1963 issue of Torch and Trumpet (The Outlook). This is a nice little historical look at confessional subscription and confessional deviations.

Click here for “The Character of the Church’s Creeds”


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5 Responses to Standards and Subscription

  1. GLW Johnson says:

    Praamsma also wrote a very fine multi-volume work on ‘The Church In The Twentieth Century’ -Vol. VII, ‘ Elect From Every Nation’ is particularly good.

  2. Rick says:

    Hey, where’s my HT?

  3. Rick says:

    Ahh, nevermind. I just noticed that this article was linked to on the Reformed Fellowship e-mail notification.

  4. Whiskeyjack says:

    Great article, reminds me a bit of the attitude in the churches I grew up in, sort of like a proto-evangelical rejection of binding confessions. It’s a little funny to me, but it is interesting how many churches function under the influence of men like Barth and Harnack without ever reading them or knowing who they are.
    This also seems to, in a roundabout way, to the denigration of the office of minister of the Word.

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