Nothing New Under The Sun

Scott Clark’s post on “antithesis” reminds me of a piece by Don Matzat in which the latter claims, “While the classic liberal placed reason over Scripture, the postmodern liberal places experience over Scripture.”

For those of us Protestant confessionalists who have never found a home in the Evangelical Household made up of two different kinds of modernists, Clark and Matzat show how we can all trace our lineage despite any false notion that something new is afoot. Clark looks to be making connections to eschatology, which I find interesting. It goes to show that man and his world really aren’t getting better or worse as time either progresses or retreats. It would seem that a truly amillenial view knows nothing of a change in the quality of man and his world but only there are new spins on old stories. 

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One Response to Nothing New Under The Sun

  1. Echo_ohcE says:

    What Mazat calls postmodern goes back to Schleiermacher and Romanticism, which itself goes back to medieval mysticism, which of course goes back to ancient gnosticism, which of course stems from paganism, which is simply embracing the devil’s lies that he told Adam and Eve in the garden.

    Rationalism versus empiricism: the fight that’s been raging for a long, long time, at least since Plato and Aristotle, but probably long before that.

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