What They Say About Assuming Isn’t Pleasant

I realize I am posting over myself, but this is just a nice shot-in-the-arm to the latest WHI installment. I noticed that in the latest newsletter that follows up their weekly broadcast (“Assuming the Gospel”) one little piece was absent the list of related readings. It should be there.

The sign of an impressionable piece of writing is that one can recall exactly where he was when reading it. I was on a flight from Grand Rapids to Durham last September for work-related business. It was night time and there were very few of us with our overhead lights on reading. The flight attendant was wearing my kindergarten teacher’s perfume, which I consider one of those wonderful little things that make the world go ’round so nicely. I have been tempted to stop older women who wear it and ask what it is. But why ruin a good thing and just let it happen when it does? After all, mystery is good!

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, yes, here’s David Gibson on what happens when sinners assume certain things. Insert joke here about how fitting that colloquielism is in an Outhouse…

**UPDATE: Until Mark V. can sufficiently play puppet-master and get Gibson’s article avaliable, here is a free link to the piece.  Sorry for linking something with deadbolts on it.

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4 Responses to What They Say About Assuming Isn’t Pleasant

  1. Mark VPol says:

    Zrim –

    I still owe you another response, my apologies. But as to the “missing” MR article featured for this week’s WHI show, I will talk to the powers that be and maybe we can post that article as well on the WHI site. (The producer picks the articles and he must have overlooked this). If this goes through we would also open it up for everybody to read (for the time being).


  2. Zrim says:


    I never thought I’d have connections…something tells me I still don’t. 🙂

  3. Mark VPol says:

    The link is up, and the article on the MR site is open to all. Sorry it took me a while to do this today (I forgot until a few minutes ago!)

  4. Zrim says:

    Thanks, Mark!

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