Move Over Ichthys

Allow myself to introduce…myself. Hi, I’m Rick. You might remember me from such Outhouse posts as Keller and the PCA and An Imagined Exchange at a ‘No Creed’ Church. I’m doing two things with this post: easing myself back into blogging, and breaking up a string of thoughtful and insightful posts by Zrim.

I’ve been verklempt. I am still verklempt. So I will give you a topic:

Alabama Senator to propose “I Believe” License Plates

“It would send a message that the government in Alabama believes in faith and family,” Sen. Hank Erwin of Montevallo said.

They already have such plates in South Carolina:



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9 Responses to Move Over Ichthys

  1. Zrim says:


    This reminds me of a stand-up bit I heard recently:

    “Did you know in Alabama you can get Pro-Life vanity plates? I was at the DMV recently, and when I inquired the clerk told me that just like any other vanity plate you can pay for this one with cash, credit card, check, etc. So I asked her, just to make sure, Are you telling me that I have a choice?” Come on, that’s just good funny.

    Anyway, I guess this gives new meaning to wearing it on your sleeve. Two things about the Erwin quote:

    1. I don’t see anything in the plate about family. Where’s he getting that?

    2. “Believing in faith” is typically called fideism, which is typically frowned upon in Christianity.

  2. sean says:

    Didn’t Charlie Brown decide it was good to believe in something? It’s like a laxative for anxiety back up.

    I know Linus believed sincerely in the Great Pumpkin.


    That is good funny.

  3. Rick says:


    Good times.

    Don’t you know that faith implies family friendliness? This is why the ‘Christian’ radio stations no longer call themselves ‘Christian’ – they are ‘family friendly’ radio stations. duh.

    Unbelief then, is the opposite of family friendliness. Without belief there is no family nor friendly.

  4. Mark VPol says:

    Zrim –

    What comedian was that, because I just heard that joke as well.


  5. Zrim says:


    I don’t recall his name. He was on Last Comic Standing last week though.

  6. Zrim says:


    Which is weird, since I know some great unbelieving families who are quite friendly. Mormons are wonderful people, I wish there were more of them; my wife and I need to get away more, we need some more babysitters.

    Let’s turn up the heat…

    Lane Keister says “It is very disappointing to me to see that the church is not seeking to be prophetic in its critique of the government. Should the church ignore sin when the church sees sin? I think not,” thereby implying the church has something to say to Caesar about sin.

    Taken in context, what he seems to mean is something like, “Economic policy has rights and wrong to it, and we must hold Caesar’s feet to the fire when he does wrong.” In other words, when my economic conclusions are violated I will stand up for Jesus who shares said conclusions. The same logic is used when it comes to that third rail of social policy called reproductive non/rights.

    Well, it would seem to me that if the church is to be prophetic about anything it would be fideism over against economic policy (and, yes, even Roe V. Wade). Yet there is no clamor over a Governor wanting to promote blantant fideism.

    Of course, as a two-kingdomite, I have no vested interest in booing down Erwin or starting petitions, etc., etc. Pointing it out is good enough for me. I just find the whole thing utterly ironic to say the least.

  7. Rick says:

    That’s hot.

    Since you linked to Lane I’m sure he’ll notice it soon enough.

    You two have fun.

    “I have no vested interest in booing down Erwin”

    – this is why I posted this in “humor.” I’m easing back in.

  8. RubeRad says:

    You mean it’s possible to ease back in?

  9. Echo_ohcE says:

    Oh, if only I could get a license plate, that will really help me bear witness to the world, along with my “Jesus is my homeboy” T-shirt. This is a great way to set myself apart and tell the world that I belong to Christ.

    But the Bible says that that’s the function your baptism is supposed to serve. Also, we bear witness by attending worship services every Sunday, and by adorning the message of the gospel with good deeds.

    I can just imagine the apostle Paul writing Jesus slogans on his horse. Ugh.

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