New Header Image

Here’s your chance to tell us what you think of our new header image. Let us know if you want the old image back. We’re not attached to the new picture.

I thought the mountain base setting, the rocky path leading to it and the way it blends into the background all whisper what we’re about here.

The only problem is that this outhouse is in much better shape than the old one.

So what do you think?


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12 Responses to New Header Image

  1. sean says:

    Way to pristine. Where’s the total depravity? You got a glass bowl of potpourri in there too?!

  2. Joe Brancaleone says:

    Looks like a candid behind-the-scenes shot on the set of Lord of the Rings. Just to your left, off camera, Rivendell.

  3. Rick says:

    Sean, the depravity is on the inside.

    Joe, Rivendell is to the right. Duh.

  4. sean says:


    No doubt I’m sure, particularly if taco bell was the night before. So we’re doing a little white-washed sepulchres action?! I thought we were supposed to be competing with the emergents for authenticity?

  5. Zrim says:


    One of the gravestone epithets my wife has ready to go for me is, “Here lies Steve. Change is bad.” I guess she thinks I am inflexible or something (it may be that her background in legalistic Fundamentalism might cause her to mistake a resolute Calvinism for it…or it’s just a another personality clash in the “Steve and Jenny Variety Show”).

    But I like the new header. I’m especially fond of the blending in for various reasons.

  6. David R. says:

    Makes the outhouse look like a darn nice vacation spot …

  7. kazooless says:

    I like it.


  8. Bruce S. says:

    Frankly, the old one captures the idea a lot better. Loneliness, middle of nowhere, etc. This one is too nice.

  9. Rick says:

    Well, Kazoo likes it – that’s not a good sign.

    But Zrim likes it too.


  10. Zrim says:


    I wouldn’t get too torn. Agreeing, but for different reasons, happens all the time.

  11. Rick says:

    I know. 🙂

    All in fun.

  12. kazooless says:


    I definitely expected a response like yours. I almost wrote it in my comment to start with, something like:

    “I like it. Guess that means you should change it back.”



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