I’m not too interested in tonight’s Presidential town hall to be moderated by Rick Warren at Saddleback Church, I just want to hear a few sound-bites and read a few headlines afterward. But the pre-forum rumblings have me wondering if any Christians besides ardent Warrenites are happy about this thing.

I picked up a little fundy monthly called The West Michigan Christian yesterday and noticed that most of their stories come from a media source called OneNewsNow (I plan on writing another post on a different story from ONN some other day). I located OneNewsNow on the web and was not a bit surprised by its broad American evangelical content.

OneNewsNow and their readers (vote to see the poll results) aren’t too thrilled about Warren’s forum because they don’t think it will clarify the theological beliefs of the candidates and because the agenda is looking a little left-of-center: Skepticism mounts over Warren’s presidential forum.

Why the skepticism? Because Warren won’t be asking the candidates about abortion:

“What makes some church leaders — and I guess average Christians — a little suspicious about this is…for lack of a better term, the self-censorship that Rick Warren is practicing here,” Schenck cautions. “For example, he’s not going to ask either of the candidates anything about abortion even though it’s one of the primary distinctions between the two candidates.”

Even a consistent evangelical can’t please other consistent evangelicals. It looks like Warren’s social gospel is too narrow for this thing to be important.

UPDATE (8/18, 8:30am): It looks like the abortion issue did come up after all. ONN is all over it and the poll results  are changing rapidly (before the forum it was 75%  in the ‘no’ column).


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5 Responses to Forum

  1. Chris says:

    Look at the bright side: McCain used the word federalist, and he even seemed to know what it meant.

  2. Zrim says:


    Maybe. But from what I heard he’s still sympathetic to the moral-federalists when it comes to the high-doctrine of this thing called “abortion.” When I finally hear someone speak like a federalist instead of invoking conventional pro-life rhetoric when this particular issue comes up I’ll be more convinced he knows what it means to be one.

    …oh, look, there’s Mohler piping up about gay marriage. Were I a Baptist, I’d rather have Warren’s intuition about “sin issues” than Mohler’s predictable two-kingdom violations. I’d like to hear what Mohler thinks about Warren’s forum hosting. Chances are, given Mohler’s repeated Constantinianism, that Warren can’t host a forum because he’s him, but Mohler can publish his thoughts on the usual suspects (anything captive to cultural rightism, usually having to do with Jane, Adam and Steve) for the same reason.

  3. Chris says:

    Well that simply betrays the elitism Mohler and that whole crowd exhibit. And I’ve seen it firsthand.

    But, then, I don’t lay the entire blame at their feet; they’ve had this celebrity BS foisted upon them.

    And yes, McCain only pulled out the federalist card when it was an issue he felt shouldn’t be legislated from Washington. Still, though, when assuaging the evangelicals’ fears at Saddleback, he simply stated when he thought “life” began (at conception); I think his counselors might have said, “Say that and move on. Quick.” Why? Maybe because he is a federalist with respect to certain barbaric practices after all, and, well, that just doesn’t sell well with the evangelicals.

  4. Zrim says:


    Re McCain, good point. I should take my own medicine sometimes and realize there is a real world a guy like him simply has to engage. But it doesn’t mean I gotta like it (!), and it doesn’t mean my point doesn’t stand. Same for Mohler for that matter. Must be hard being a public figure.

  5. GoorgoRepcess says:

    Hello 🙂

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