Guess the Good Guy

“Because of God’s common grace, unregenerate and rebellious people are restrained in their evil, and in the foolishness of their thinking. Because of common grace, many unregenerate people hold standards of goodness, truth, justice, morality, and beauty which accord with God’s will.

“But another force is also at work in culture: the effects of the ‘common curse.’ Because of the residual effects of sin, many regenerate people remain foolish and stupid. They actually hate what is good, true, just, noble, and beautiful. Therefore, the regenerate are culturally retarded much of the time.”

I realize it is politically incorrect to speak like this for a host of reasons. But so is it on my own part to remark on the political correctness of the pro-life culture in our circles which disallows any who dare question any aspect of it or its sympathizers. Somebody please pass the Charmin and that dated copy of Modern Reformation.

Anyway, guess the good guy who said this.

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2 Responses to Guess the Good Guy

  1. RubeRad says:

    I’ll bite — Kline? He seems like one not to mince words.

    Or how about one of the WHI guys? They seem pretty comfortable criticizing the evangelical church’s lame attempts to be hip. How retarded!

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