The Year of the Outhouse

over 50,000 squares spared

over 50,000 squares spared

It was a couple of days over a year ago that Barack Obama spoke at a church and told them that, if elected, he would “create a kingdom right here on earth” with them. Little did he know that his comments would lead to the start of the blog phenomenon known as “The Confessional Outhouse.” It was one year ago today that this team web log was born and today I’d like to recognize this by retelling the story of how we came to be.

More than a year before the Outhouse was dug, I ran into a guy who went by ‘Zrim’ over at The Riddleblog. We found out that we live in the same city and that we’re very near-minded Reformed Confessionalists with similar sensibilities. Zrim came over to the blog I had back then and became a regular commenter (sometimes the only commenter) and we continued to run into each other at many other blogs. As time went on we exchanged personal e-mails and even met in real life a couple of times. I kept encouraging Zrim to start his own blog because I enjoyed his comments so very much, but he repeatedly resisted saying, “Does the world need yet another blog?”

In those days a guy who goes by ‘Bruce S.’ and his son who calls himself ‘RubeRad’ found my old site and contributed to the threads there. I in turn would go to their blogs to join the discussions while Zrim too found his way to their sites. All of us would occasionally interact with each other on other blogs as well.

Now back to Barack Obama. One year ago today Kim Riddlebarger wrote a post called, “The Kingdom on Earth? Now? Obama Thinks So . . .” in reaction to Barack’s promise to a congregation that he would create a kingdom on earth if elected to the office of President of the United States. On that thread I remarked, “Now Obama and Bush have something common.” To that Zrim wrote:

They always did as they both come from the Evangelical household…just different corners of the house. It must be so warm and cozy in there, even with all the bickering. It’s so lonely out here in the confessional outhouse. Live large, George and Barack! You are squarely in the majority and always have been.

The confessional outhouse! Brilliant! Zrim had commented elsewhere that he feels like an “old-school confessionally reformed high-church calvinist presbyterian in a world where the low-church-biblicist-revivalist-Evangelical-pietist-enthusiast-sentimentalist-experientialist-liberal-fundamentalist-transformationalist household just keeps winning the day.” Exactly. The latter group is all in the same house together while the confessionalist finds no room. A new blog from this perspective was needed. So I went out and started a new WordPress site with “The Confessional Outhouse” name, found a picture of an outhouse for the header, then told Zrim he now had a blog. He could no longer refuse, the Outhouse was born. Long story short, we made it a team effort. RubeRad, Bruce S, and myself joined Zrim and a guy Zrim knows in real life who here goes by ‘efwake.’ Sean was added later due to the lack of posts from those of us not called Zrim.

So here we are one year later. Happy Birthday to The Confessional Outhouse.

What did you get us?

I would personally like to thank all of you who have linked here, commented here, or just visited these humble digs over the past year.


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16 Responses to The Year of the Outhouse

  1. RubeRad says:

    Personally, I miss the original photo.

  2. Zrim says:

    Does the world really need another blog throwing itself a birthday?

    Oh, what the heck, if the CRC can throw herself a year-long 150th what’s a little cake and ice cream in the can?

  3. Rick says:

    I do think we may need to go back to the old image. Do you have it somewhere Rube?

  4. RubeRad says:

    Lemme see, I know I stuck the original picture around here somewhere, was it under the Sears catalogs, or perhaps I slipped it inside the slipcover for the first issue of Modern Reformation, to make sure it stays safe…

  5. Chris M. says:

    From a frequent reader & a rare commenter: Happy Birthday & I like the current picture. Keep up the great posts and the not so great ones. I’m having cake in your honor.

  6. RubeRad says:

    I feel compelled to link to this Outhouse-appropriate webcomic

  7. Mike Brown says:

    Happy birthday guys. Keep up the good work and, Zrim, enjoy your cake. I know how much you like cake.

  8. Zrim says:

    My wife just bought a thing to go over the kitchen sink: “Cake Fixes Everything.” You can’t beat a good cake, or wife.

  9. RubeRad says:

    I’m an ice cream man myself.

  10. RubeRad says:

    BTW, Rick kudos on t he image selection!

  11. Rick says:

    I think I just did an image search on “Outhouse Birthday” and that came up. It might have been “Toilet Birthday”

  12. I’m not sure “digs” is the noun I would use relative to an Outhouse, but then again I guess digging is more or less indispensable to an Outhouse isn’t it?

    In that spirit, I dig the Outhouse.

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  14. Zrim says:

    Would somebody get Scott a piece of cake with a big blue flower on it, and some punch…my hands are taken up with Recovering the Reformed Confession.

  15. Rick says:

    Thanks for the dig Dr. Clark. And thanks for referring hundreds, if not thousands of visitors our way over the past year.

  16. R'na says:

    Happy Birthday Outhouse!

    I’ll take a beverage instead of cake and ice cream, cheers.

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