Ken Myers in the ‘House

This weekend, Ken Myers of Mars Hill Audio will be the keynote speaker at a Reformation Conference hosted by my church.  While that does not imply an actual visit to the Confessional Outhouse (I certainly hope he will have access to modern plumbing during his stay in San Diego!), I will have the opportunity to meet him, so I thought I’d slap up a nominal post to open the bench for discussion of Mars Hill in general.

Do you love it?  Loathe it?  Any favorite interviews? Any good questions you can recommend that will make me look like the second smartest guy in the room?  How do you think the overall mission of Mars Hill (“MARS HILL AUDIO is committed to assisting Christians who desire to move from thoughtless consumption of contemporary culture to a vantage point of thoughtful engagement.”) fits with our 2K vibe? Does Mars Hill belong in the lonely Outhouse, or does it merely inhabit the intellectual, high-brow back room of the evangelical house party?

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6 Responses to Ken Myers in the ‘House

  1. I haven’t listened to MHA, since I thought it was entirely for-pay. However, it appears that they have a podcast available (, so I’ll take a look at that when I get home this evening.

    By the way, speaking of podcasts… I recently subscribed to R.C. Sproul’s “Renewing your Mind,” which I really like so far.

  2. RubeRad says:

    I also (in composing this post) discovered today that there exists a MHA podcast. But it looks like the podcast is less than The Real Thing (“previews from forthcoming Journal interviews”). You can check out MHA for free in our church library. They have about 80 cassettes (if your car is old-school), and a year or so ago they switched their subscription to CD. Once you’re hooked, I’ll be happy to loan you a cassette-playing walkman…

  3. My car is fully 1990s-compatible, so I’ll go to the church library and take a look.

  4. RubeRad says:

    I recommend you start with one of my favorites, issue 69, for these, two interviews.

  5. Wow… Sproul’s “Renewing Your Mind” is great, but it publishes really often! There seem to be new 26-minute episodes every day except Saturdays.

  6. RubeRad says:

    The church library has a good box-set of “Renewing Your Mind” episodes that constitute a history of philosophy, starting from the Greeks. About a dozen CDs, I think.

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