Bedfellows in the Outhouse

When the 4th of July falls on a Sunday in North America, watch out.  What can happen in not a few churches in our land can boggle the mind. With that in mind and in the context of a complaint about what was perceived to be a butchering of the National Anthem by Patti LaBelle before the start of Game 4 of the World Series,  I am relaying this exchange, in red, from a forum I frequent.

Q. A better question [than why do they let Patti LaBelle sing] is why the hell do we have the national anthem sung at baseball games or SuperBowls? Why?

A. Because most of us have a sense of patriotism.

Q. And why is patriotism associated with sports?????

Q. And how come we don’t sing the national anthem before every TV show? And every commercial as well? Why don’t we play it in movie theaters before the show? Why not everywhere all the time?

A. If you have to ask…. Nevermind.

Q. I do have to ask. Many seemingly automatic associations don’t come to me automatically. I never quite got the automatic tie-in between Harley-Davidson and Freedom. I don’t get the automatic connection between fire engines and the flag. What’s patriotic about baseball? Where does the Confederate Flag fit in modern America? In today’s world, the rebel south would be viewed as terrorist, no?

Just because we grew up with a habit, does not mean we are bound to continue that habit. There may be no harm in doing so, and it may even reveal itself to be a good idea. Just the same, I think it is a good practice to review your behavior occasionally and make a determination as to its continuing value.

It’s convenient to dismiss me with a blithe, “….if you have to ask……” put down but I think the question is valid and warrants an honest response from anyone who feels he has one.

A. Ok, fine. I’ll give you an honest response.

I don’t know what country you guys live in, but every country I know of has (or SHOULD HAVE) a certain amount of honor, and tradition among its citizens. You aren’t respecting your flag when you ask “why now”? The answer isn’t “why now,” it should be, “why not more often”?

What better opportunity for a country’s citizens to show their mutual respect for the flag than when there’s tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of like minded people in attendance, PLUS the people watching on TV? Now you’re talking millions of like minded individuals reciting the same words at the same time staring at the same flag. What better way to show unity than at a sporting event? So, it’s ok for millions of us to get together to watch a ball bounce around a field of grass, but we can’t UNITE with a common goal? You’re right…Why don’t all countries have their Nation Anthem at the local theater? EXACTLY. Why not?  Are we all getting lazy? Are we embarrassed?  One guy here has told us that he stands during the Anthem. I assume this in his own living room? How patriotic is THAT? Yea, big time!

Why don’t you drive down to your local biker bar and question the first biker you see and ask him “When and where should we fly our flag,” and oh…by the way…”what’s up with this Harley/freedom thing, too”? I guarantee you won’t be getting a “Convenient, blithe, dismissal” for an answer. After you recover from that beating, go down to your local firehouse and ask them why they fly a flag. Better yet, why don’t you hop on an airplane and fly to New York City and ask THOSE firefighters why they fly a flag on their firetrucks. Let me know what they say.

Personally, I find anyone that “questions” when and where they should wave their country’s flag a disgrace to their country regardless of what country that is.

Q. Anyone can stand for the National Anthem . No biggie there .Paying your taxes … now there’s a patriotic act.

A. It all depends on what’s in your heart.

End of quotes.

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2 Responses to Bedfellows in the Outhouse

  1. RubeRad says:

    Hmm, so it’s good for millions of like-minded people across the world to recite the same words? Deeds, not pledges, man!

  2. Barbara says:

    We used to hide the God Bless America banners in our CMA church in Ohio 🙂 and just grimmaced as they were rescued for Memorial Day and Fourth of July. Ellen thought she had avoided this kind of idolatry altogether by being Episcopalian, but when she moved to Texas, where a sig. percentage of the population are military past, present or future, she found herself gagging on various choir pieces. She mamaged to avoid both Mem Day and Fourth of July by being out of town but now she finds herself trying to figure out a way to be absent on Veterans Day Sunday!

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