Index to Kline’s Kingdom Prologue Lectures

As of 8/2010, the hosting church has reorganized their .mp3s. Lecture .mp3s can be found at this link (or this link will also get you to a couple other lecture series’).

Lecture 1

1: kp1a1.mp3

0:00: The microphone is misplaced, Kline is virtually inaudible, until…
3:35: Literary structure of Genesis: creation prologue, 10 headings “The generations of…” (3+3+2+2)
8:40: Headings are superscriptions (headings), not subscriptions (summaries)
13:22: H1 (2:4), generations of Cain (City of Man) (begins first triad of headings)
29:13: H2 (5:1), generations of Seth (“as in Noah’s day…”, seed of serpent vs. woman)
39:43: H3 (6:9), generations of Noah
44:26: H4 (10:1), generations of Ham (2nd triad Ham/Shem/Abe parallels 1st triad Cain/Seth/Noah)

2. kp1a2.mp3

6:02: H5 (11:9), generations of Shem
12:16: H6 (11:27), generations of Abraham
12:57: H7-10 extensions of H6/Abe (25:12 Ishmael/25:19 Isaac; 36:1,9 Esau/37:2 Jacob)
21:20: Antiquity of Man
25:40: 3 views on genealogies: Complete, Dynastic, Selective:
32:55: Exegetical indications of selective genealogies, Matt/Ezra

3. kp1b1.mp3

0:00: Exegetical indications of selective genealogies, Luke
1:03: Exegetical indications of selective genealogies, back in Genesis
3:18: Summary of Genesis genealogies
8:12: Gilgamesh and the flood
13:13: Science vs bible? Calvin College (“all the evidence is in”) vs. Kline (19:24 “I’m ready to wait…”)
21:50: Antiquity of Creation
26:40: 3 most prominent views: Literal, Day-age, Framework:
31:13: 1st triad: Kingdoms
33:35: 2nd triad: Kings
36:04: 7th day: The Great King

Lecture 2

4. kp2a1.mp3
4:26: Review backtracking structure of Generations Headings: 3+3+2+2
4:26: Framework = same thematic backtracking: 3+3+1
8:27: Yom=’Days’, not ‘Ages’ (9:39 Parable of Sower)
10:57: 7th Day (God’s Sabbath) is eternal
18:48: Figures of speech in poetry (24:04: poetic does not imply ahistorical)
27:25: Space & Time in the Genesis Cosmogony
28:36: ? about intended readers
30:17: Upper/Lower Registers
34:08: Upper/Lower Registers in Gen 1:1
37:12: Upper/Lower Registers in Prov 8 (39:24 John 1)

5: kp2a2.mp3

5:39: Waters above heavens = clouds
10:19: Gen 1:1: invisible (spiritual) heavens vs. visible heavens (sky)
12:21: Gen 1:2: Glory-cloud, Images of the Spirit
17:13: New term: incarnation:Son::”endoxation”:Spirit
20:23: Upper/Lower Registers in Day 6 (“Let us”=God+angelic hosts)
25:42: Days 1-5
28:10: Narrative is not sequential, but thematically developed
29:00: Day 1 vs. Day 4 (light/sun)
33:35: “Because It Had Not Rained”

6: kp2b1.mp3

5:20: ? about Gen 2:5 (global/local?)
9:40: Rom 8:18–: Adam’s pre-fall environment “not just a marshmallow”
14:40: ? about state of nature in eternity
21:00: Definition of Covenant (“Divinely sanctioned committment”)
29:00: Covenant function: “Instruments whereby God administers His kingdom”
30:48: Murray’s def’n: “Sovereign administration of grace and promise”
35:37: O. Palmer Robertson’s def’n: “intimate religious bond”
38:00: Covenant of Works
44:12: Probation, approbation (justification), confirmation, glorification

7: kp2b2.mp3

4:00: Covenant of Redemption
7:30: Covenant of Grace
9:33: CoR/CoG distinction: Luk 22:28-30
14:16: CoG for salvation underlies “upper layer” Mosaic CoW for Nat. Israel
18:44: Fuller/Porter/Piper/Shepherd anti CoW
20:10: ? CoW/CoG upper/lower layers?
21:20: ? Glorification/approbation?
24:42: ? Salvation by Mosaic CoW?
Lecture 3

8: kp3a1.mp3

0:00: Prayer
3:17: Ancient Near-East Treaty structures
8:48: 6 standard components of ANE treaties:
10:20: (Outline on p. 133 of Structure of Biblical Authority)
10:53: Higher crit. vs. 2nd mill dating of pentateuch
11:58: 1. Title
16:00: 2. Historical Prologue
20:00: 3. Stipulations/Obligations
24:49: 4. Document Clause
30:43: 5. Divine Witness
33:36: 6. Sanctions
36:25: “Two Tables” = two copies of the whole treaty, not duty to God, duty to man
39:48: Did God “borrow” covenantal structure from pagan nations?

9: kp3a2.mp3

3:17: Covenant ratification ceremony

9:11: Covenant renewal/succession

13:22: Prophecy as covenant lawsuit
16:36: More on dating by 2nd mill. form of ANE treaties
17:50: Common Grace in relation to CoR/CoG/CoW layers
27:43: Common Grace is not holy (no “kingdom work”)
33:09: Mosaic Covenant=intrusion: local suspension of common grace
37:49: ? Relation of grace to Mosaic Covenant
40:34: Flood was a 1-year intrusion
42:07: Works principle in Mosaic Covenant

10: kp3b1.mp3

0:58: Challenges to works principle by Fuller et al (Covenant Theology Under Attack)
14:09: ? Monocovenantalism? demands/promises?
20:18: Back to Fuller et al
24:40: Strict justice
26:41: Fuller’s objections to merit
29:37: ? Mosaic: grace before works?
32:48: Fuller’s 2nd objection to merit: disproportionate reward
38:15: Sacrificial law –> grace in Moses

11: kp3b2.mp3

1:00: Law/Gospel contrasts
2:00: Jer 31: breakable new covenant?
7:40: N.T. fulfillment of Jer 31
13:55: How is New Covenant new?
20:28: ? from audience
Lecture 4

12: kp4a1.mp3

0:00: Review

5:49: Rom 5:3-14

20:14: ANE Treaty is useful structure for Gen 1-3 (although Gen is not such a treaty)
23:30: Preamble: God’s names/titles
31:43: vs. pagan views
34:24: Pagan creation myth Enuma Elish: full of conflict

13: kp4a2.mp3

7:10: God reveals himself as sovereign: no conflict in creation
13:09: Alpha & Omega in sabbath
17:16: Historical Prologue: what has God done for man?
19:20: First good thing: Imago Dei/glory-spirit
25:12: 3 elements of glory spirit: Dominion, Moral Excellence, Visible Luminosity
33:29: Son : Incarnation :: Spirit : Endoxation: shekinah glory-cloud

14: kp4b1.mp3

2:47: Comparison of glory-spirit in Sinai & Pentecost
20:00: ? Cherubim?
22:00: Back to Historical Prologue: man made in likeness of glory-spirit
24:00: Har Mageddon
28:08: Gen 1:26 “Let us” vs. 3:22 “Like us“: Heavenly hosts, not trinity
34:20: ? Does God need advice?
35:55: (back to “us”) Ps 82, God’s council
42:45: Gen 2:7 forbids evolution of Man; c.f. John 20:22

15: kp4b2.mp3

0:00: How does man have the 3 elts? 1. Man’s likeness = dominion
1:23: Gen 3:22: know good & evil?
5:23: Gen 9:6 positive statement of man’s judicial capacity
7:38: Sons of God: representations, not representatives
9:23: 2. Man has moral excellence when recreated in image of God
11:14: 3. Visual elt
15:30: Possible states of Imago Dei: Creation (fall) Regeneration (judgment) Glorification
21:42: Is reprobate man still an image bearer? (yes)

Lecture 5

16: kp5a1.mp3

2:25: Continue Historical Prologue: God gave man a kingdom
3:46: 2 concepts of garden: Temple & Protectorate
7:22: Proper xlation of Gen 3:8; not “cool of the day”
19:07: Def’n “Theocracy”: Holy, institutional integration of cult & culture
29:22: Garden is theocracy (vs. rest of world)
41:55: Theocracies are exceptional (e.g. tithe–> blessing)

17: kp5a2.mp3

3:38: What was Eden like? Non-violent/no death/no thorns? No.
12:30: Pre-fall vegetarian? Address a number of arguments:
20:45: Gen 1:29?
24:12: Gen 9?
30:00: Lion & Lamb?
33:58: If death, how can pre-Fall be paradise?
35:35: Curse & Earth: Rom 8 + Is 24-25

18: kp5b1.mp3

0:00: Stipulations: King (cultural), Priest (cultic)
1:18: 2 general covenantal principles: likeness/imitation, under authority
4:04: Theocratic kingdom commission
11:29: King/Cultural Mandate
20:27: City of God: citizens, architecture, government
23:54: City of Royal human family
29:52: Imitation: worker/inventor/artist/loving/cov. keeping/naming/…
38:20: …/Sabbath-keeping
40:08: Sabbath as eschatological
43:48: Sabbath as weekly mirror

19: kp5b2.mp3

2:08: WHO? Validitity of Sabbath only for covnenant people
13:44: HOW? Cultic duties, then cultural activities irrelevant
21:51: WHEN? 7th day–>1st day
24:38: ? Sabbath years/jubilee?
Lecture 6

20: kp6a1.mp3

2:29: Review
5:59: Stipulation 2: Priestly duties
8:55: 1. “Positive” consecration: worship/symbols/sacrifice?
14:11: 2. “Negative” consecration: guard against unclean
25:21: Priest/Cult primal over King/Culture
29:21: Blessings & Curses: heaven/hell, not just life/death
41:36: Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil

21: kp6a2.mp3

2:04: Probation & Confirmation
7:34: Cultic Focus –> Cultural Fullness
11:51: Christian view of culture
17:45: ? Cultural mandate?
27:43: Sins (of omission) before the Fall
33:12: Gen 3:14- as Judgment
42:46: Seed of the woman vs. Seed of the serpent

22: kp6b1.mp3

3:44: We participate in trampling serpent (Rom 16:20)
5:04: Woman/serpent in Rev 12
12:48: Gen 3:14- as (Common) Curse(/Common Grace)
16:23: Physical death
20:34: Distinct curses for man/woman (implying common grace)
23:45: Expulsion
26:11: Gen 3:14- as CoR
28:22: Three new features: Messiah/grace/election
32:51: Inauguration/seal of the new covenant
37:41: Nakedness & double-divorce
41:14: Shedding of blood for atonement
42:49: Summary chart of CoR

23: kp6b2.mp3

3:12: Timeline of Christ’s CoW

10:16: Timeline of CoG

13:38: ? Kingdom of God?
15:59: Review 1st 3 “toledoths” leading up to Flood
22:21: Institutional features of common grace: Family & State
24:22: Inauguration of state in Gen 4:15
28:28: Mistranslation: “mark” should be “oath”
Lecture 7

24: kp7a1.mp3

1:17: Review common vs. holy
16:03: Noahic covenant of common grace; rainbow
20:48: …distinct from Noahic covenant of salvation
22:44: Chiastic form of Gen 8:20-9:17: Nat/Fam/State/Fam/Nat
29:09: Introduce Intrusion: Common:normal::unusual:Intrusion
36:57: Supreme example of intrusion: Christ’s incarnation
41:06: Intrusion of the Holy Spirit
43:31: Intrusion in Israel vs. in the church

25: kp7b1.mp3

1:07: Phyiscal intrusion (healing)
1:41: Intrusion of final judgment
6:88: Two categories of biblical symbolism: typological vs. sacramental
14:15: Communion=sacrament–>no symbolic death–>no ritual breaking of bread
18:21: Common grace institute of the state
22:35: State is God’s good gift: mitigates dispersal, government/justice
28:32: The City and the kingdoms of God/Satan
34:06: ? Gay marriage?
39:05: ? Ethical standards for the state?
41:15: Illegitimate/demonic state?
43:37: Proper (biblical) functions of state wrt family/church…

26: kp7b2.mp3

0:00: …Support, supplement, surrogate
6:52: Biblical limits to state’s role
11:43: State & church
16:50: Prayer in schools, oaths in court, Christ in the constitution
24:20: ? Perjury?
27:40: Millenial views: Pre=pessimistic, Post=optimistic, A=just right
42:03: Moses: localized intrusion into common grace
44:07: Summarize Dominion Theology

27: kp7c1.mp3

4:47: ? Great commission & eschatology?
16:37: How to justify apparently barbaric Mosaic ethics (God makes ethical progress)?
26:08: Intrusion!
Lecture 8

28: kp8a1.mp3

2:21: Review/intro toledoths

4:34: Decline of City of Man in 1st toledoth (Gen 4:16-24)

12:11: Gen 4:25-26: City of God, as transition to next toledoth
14:31: Gen 6:1-4: City of Man, as transition to next toledoth
23:58: The pre-flood covenant community (City of God)
28:08: Identified by presence of God’s altar
31:45: Ingestion of blood
35:16: Universal priesthood in covenant community (except Israel)
38:36: No sanctuaries (outside Israel): “spirit & truth”

29: kp8a2.mp3

2:28: Back to altar/priests: “unto the Lord” vs. holy
6:36: Altar = witness
11:16: Toledoth 3: Flood = trial by ordeal
13:03: Flood geology
18:58: Chiastic structure of flood account (Gen 7-8 )
26:44: Back to flood geology
34:11: Universal death of man in the flood?
35:44: 1. Flood as Redemptive Judgment (Judicial Ordeal, Remnant, Day of the Lord)

30: kp8b1.mp3

1:33: 2. Flood as Re-Creation
2:29: 3. Flood as Consummation (ark as temple, Sabbath theme)
6:11: Noah as Christ figure
11:23: “Habiru”? Actual descendents of Abe vs. oppressed Canaanites/Egyptians
14:04: Oracle of Noah: blessings/curses ~ Gen 3:15–
18:13: Blessing on Shem->Abram (Japheth=Gentiles/Nations)
21:05: Abrahamic covenant: Covenant of promise
22:31: Election vs. Covenant: Circumcision & Baptism
29:18: Symbolism of circumcision
37:57: Theological implications of circumcision
44:13: Function of circumcision: sign of inclusion in covenant

31: kp8b2.mp3

0:00: Proper subjects of circumcision

3:43: Traditional Presb. argument is a confusion

5:17: Problems with trad. bapt. liturgy: “Holy” yes, but not “holy in Christ”
9:32: Baptism as a death ordeal
15:11: Function of baptism: sign of inclusion in covenant
15:46: New. Cov. administration: are children holy? (yes)
Lecture 9

32: kp9a1.mp3

2:13: John and transition of baptism

8:49: Covenant structure & lawsuits

14:44: John as messenger of covenant ultimatum
23:55: Jesus submitting to baptism foreshadows judgment ordeal
32:44: Summing up…
42:03: ? (audience questions)

33: kp9a2.mp3

10:15: Promises of Abrahamic Covenant
16:06: Dispensational view (bad)
31:18: Typological approach (good): “God remembers his covenant”
36:35: AbCov promise: King

34: kp9b1.mp3

4:08: AbCov promise: People
12:39: AbCov promise: Land
20:54: Typological continuity for 3 AbCov promises
30:21: ? Theonomy & Old Testament?
31:27: Why Israel? Why not just Abe–>New Covenant?
42:32: Any future for Israel? (Rom 9-11)

35: kp9b2.mp3

4:07: ? (audience questions)
9:37: Cov. foundations: compare patriarchal/church ages w/ Mosaic/age to come
11:29: Nature of God’s presence/theophanies
22:38: Polity of God’s people
26:33: Relationship between two kingdoms
35:39: Mos. law normative? moral/cerem/civil vs. (cult/culture)x(moral/typological/technological)
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