Sometimes I Like Being a GenXer


Many wonder what the value is to FaceBooking. I’m one of them. But after getting hounded enough by friends to get jiggy with it, I reluctantly jumped in. (Reminds me how this Outhouse thing got started.) Some call this mode of communication “re-connecting,” as if something meaningful or human is actually happening. But I still loath the telephone, so I’m not persuaded that Facebooking is anything close to being human. I think it’s just vaporous fun. How else to explain a bit of inward glee when I see that I have more Facebook messages in my Inbox?

This was no exception. Becky was a good friend of mine in high school. She kept threatening to find and upload a picture of us when we won a Halloween costume contest. She finally got around to it. I honestly cannot recall that get-up or anything about that evening. But Becky reminded me that the contest was at northern-lower Michigan’s hottest under-age 80s dance club called “The Beat.” I think it’s a City Hall now. Halloween and dancing, legalists beware (boo!). Granted, secularism reduces Christmas to consumerism. But one of the advantages of a secularized culture gutting cult of its import is that Halloween really isn’t invoking demonic forces, it’s just a fright party. I still do Halloween. But I have never danced in my life because, as Jerry Seinfeld said, dancing is stupid.



The second picture displays the fortunes of our victories. Becky being the off-beat Cyndi Lauper type took a gift certificate to a place called “Irreverence” and got herself that purple thing she’s wearing. I being not so Cyndi Lauper-ish took the gift certificate to the more staid and sophisticated “Hamiltons” and got that sweater. Sweaters were cool then so shut up. Bill Cosby wore lots of them.

This concludes my shot at Facebook-y self-indulgence and vaporous fun. Though I realize this blast from the past means more to me than any Outhouse reader, I hope you at least kind of liked it. And thanks, Becky, for reminding me that I can’t say that I’ve never won anything in my life as I am wont to do.

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9 Responses to Sometimes I Like Being a GenXer

  1. Machiavelli says:

    You in that sweater… I will read this blog with different eyes now…

  2. Zrim says:

    Me too, me too.

  3. Joe Brancaleone says:

    my take — FB is about 50% a time waster, 50% an interesting new dimension in “staying connected”. so it’s a wash.

    Not so much staying connected with others, but staying connected with previously disconnected vignettes in one’s personal life via the reappearance of others. Dr Manhattan style, every moment is another random event from your personal timeline and it floats before you, maybe from jr high, maybe from college, maybe from another church, maybe last year maybe the present. Maybe in the form of an old photo, or a written recollection, or just a name or a face.

    Until a coherent picture emerges that thematically connects all these previously disparate shadows and fading moments: I am a dork! (at least in my case)


  4. Chris Sherman says:

    Sweater monogrammed?

  5. Chris Sherman says:

    I like showing this video to people who exhibit any signs of technophobia.

  6. Rick says:

    Classic – you look like every 80’s movie.

    At least link back to one of our early posts if you’re going to talk about how this thing got started. Or this.

    Hey, I was going to post here about the Hort’s visit but I see you posted this today… blog hog.

    How does this thing work again…?

  7. Zrim says:


    I think I look sort of like Rusty from European Vacation here. All I need are some glacier glasses.

  8. Rick says:

    “Oink, Oink my good man”

  9. Zrim, that is totally 80’s-tastic.

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