Guess the Good Guy

**Updated with hint.

***Winner found in the 14th comment.

Here’s a good quote for the day before the Lord’s Day:

If spiritual pastors are to refrain from saying anything that might ever, by any possibility, be misunderstood by anybody, they will end- as in fact many of them do- by never saying anything worth hearing. Incidentally, this particular brand of timidity is the besetting sin of the good churchman. Not that the Church approves it. She knows it of old for a part of the great, sprawling, drowsy, deadly Sin of Sloth- a sin from which the preachers of fads, schisms, heresies, and anti-Christ are most laudably free.

Who wrote it? (There’s a little trick here).




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23 Responses to Guess the Good Guy

  1. RubeRad says:

    Because of the word “churchman“, I’m going to guess either Van Til or Muether. But really I have no idea.

    It reminds me of the (very liberal) pastor of an Episc. church I used to go to, who always joked that it is impossible to preach a heresy-free sermon on the Trinity

  2. Todd says:


  3. Rick says:

    Todd, Really? I’m not sure you’re reading it right. Or you read too much into the “trick” of the question.

    Rube is closer…but he’s not close.

  4. Zrim says:

    I’ll quote a Catholic friend of mine in response to the responses above that may perhaps lend a clue to the quote in question:

    “There’s a difference between a male chauvanist and a male chauvanist pig.”

  5. John Yeazel says:

    I could see C.S. Lewis saying something like this- the word “Churchman” was used by him frequently in his Screwtape Letters.

    I am not sure if Lewis could be considered orthodox according to Anglican confessions- he definitely veered from Lutharan and Reformed confessional statements in some of his beliefs. However, he was an excellent apologist. I know I am veering off topic.

    It is probably some reformed guy.

  6. Rick says:

    John, you are very close. But you do not yet get the cigar.

  7. Todd says:

    Actually, I was kidding with Finny; I’ll go with Stott or Packard.

  8. John Yeazel says:

    How about G.K. Chesterton?

  9. John Yeazel says:

    Lewis did admire Chesterton and the Catholic thing would be in line with Zrim’s quote. Chesterton was an excellent apologist too.

  10. Zrim says:

    If I’m right then chauvanist, chauvanist and still chauvanist. (C’mon, doesn’t anybody get the hint?)

  11. Rick says:

    I get the hint. But I know who it is.

  12. Chris Sherman says:

    If Lewis is close, then I have an inkling of an idea of who it might be.

  13. RubeRad says:


    (Still have no idea, just trying to use the clues)

  14. John Yeazel says:

    Dorothy Sayers- we need another clue. Zrim, do not be so patronizing.

  15. Chris Sherman says:

    Does it have anything to do with the person Michael Horton quotes at the end of Christless Christianity?

  16. Rick says:

    Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!


    Dorothy Sayers is correct. It’s in “The Greatest Drama Ever Staged”

    I’ll update the post later.

  17. John Yeazel says:

    Do I get a cigar or what?

  18. John Yeazel says:

    I like this approach better than the one on the Riddleblog. I think giving hints will make cheating less likely. Plus, I think hints lead to better dialog and more concentrated thinking.

    I always suspect that there is cheating going on on the Riddleblog. However, that may just be my suspicious, cynical and sarcastic nature getting the best of me. One guy even admitted he cheated on the Riddleblog- I’m not sure he was well aquinted with the rules. I got a kick out of that though.

  19. Rick says:

    John, guessing the good “guy” is more fun than guessing the bad guy. I mean, how many times has Finny been the answer? If he isn’t the answer then he’s usually a pretty good guess. And waiting a week to find out is torture.

    Your virtual cigar is on the way.

  20. Echo_ohcE says:

    Riddle never tells you the answer. I’ve waited a week before giving up once. Then I just asked uncle Google, who knows everything.

  21. John Yeazel says:

    I’d like the virtual Habana black please.

  22. RubeRad says:

    Then I just asked uncle Google, who knows everything.

    Is that the uncle that’s married to Auntie Beeb?

  23. Zrim says:

    …guessing the good “guy” is more fun than guessing the bad guy.

    And more edifying, I think. Plus, always guessing the bad guy only feeds the pessimistic stereotype of we amil’s.

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