In Living Color In Living Color: Images of Christ and the Means of Grace: Daniel R. Hyde Hyde has published another book –go out and buy it!

From Hyde’s blog, here are the synopsis and some recommendations:

While man has universally and perpetually desired the visual in his relationship with God, God has given his people the Word and sacraments as manifestations of his presence until Christ comes again, visibly and corporeally — in living color.  This is the classic Reformed exegesis of Scripture as expressed in its confessions.

David van Drunen: Danny Hyde has written an excellent piece on a very misunderstood subject. Through effective combination of biblical, theological, and confessional discussions, he has presented the Reformed view of the second commandment winsomely and attractively. He helpfully emphasizes not the negative prohibition of making images of God but the positive facts that God has revealed himself now so generously in Word and Sacrament and will one day reveal himself visibly in the most perfect and authentic way.

Joel R. Beeke: In these pages, Danny Hyde argues with great clarity against all images of Jesus as man-made media. He shows that all such images are abominated in Scripture and roundly rejected by the Reformed confessional heritage without exception. Hyde goes on to argue, however, that God does provide us with His “media”—the preaching of His Word and the administration of His sacraments.

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4 Responses to In Living Color

  1. RubeRad says:

    Reminds me of two old post-series on my other blog: these posts on Jacques Ellul’s Humiliation of the Word, and this and that and the other about cartoons of Jesus in children’s storybooks

  2. Danny Hyde says:

    i just stole your ideas and sold them as mine, Rube!

  3. RubeRad says:

    Sweet! I’ll be looking forward to those royalty checks!

    (although I bet you came to a different conclusion than I did about cartoon Jesus in storybooks)

  4. Danny Hyde says:

    What are royalties? Ha ha.

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