Who Said That?

I myself, then, was the instrument whose services He chose, and esteemed suited for the accomplishment of his will…. through the aid of the divine power I banished and utterly removed every form of evil which prevailed, in the hope that the human race, enlightened through my instrumentality, might be recalled to a due observance of the holy laws of God, and at the same time our most blessed faith might prosper under the guidance of his almighty hand.

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10 Responses to Who Said That?

  1. Todd says:


  2. RubeRad says:

    Finney — wait, no, Osteen!

  3. Zrim says:

    Todd, you’re in the ballpark but think more Christianly (I bet you get that all the time).

    Rube, seriously, Osteen properly strung the words “enlightened” and “instrumentality” together? Finney I can see, but Joel wine-in-box?

  4. Phil Baiden says:


  5. Chris M. says:


  6. Zrim says:

    Wow, Chris, even closer. So close it’s the right answer:

    This is taken from Eusebius’ The Life of Constantine (2.28).

    I hide a clue in the “posted in.”

  7. Chris M. says:

    There is nothing like the absolute surety of knowing that you were used in God’s providence to advance His kingdom here on earth. Send the prize when you have a free moment!

  8. Phil Baiden says:

    I thought that was a red herring. Hence my dodge to Charlemagne.

  9. Zrim says:

    Phil, I’ll send you a consolation prize for thinking on your feet.

    Chris, the check is in the mail.

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