I’m Michael Ramsey


I took a quiz to see which Anglican theologian I am. (I’d link it here for readers to take, but it appears Anglicans like me are barred from doing so.) Apparently, I’m Michael Ramsey who conceived that:

The Scriptures and the Fathers are important to you, but so are the mystics – particularly those of the medieval West. You hold that contemplation, rather than activism, is the Church’s real life. You also hold that activism tends towards a dangerous rejection of the contemplative calling that all Christians share in, and to which those in monastic orders bear special witness to. Liturgy is the Church’s greatest witness, and you cherish Anglicanism’s rich liturgical heritage. You believe that Christ is present in the Eucharist, and an orthodox understanding of the Eucharist intertwines memorial, presence, and sacrifice, rather than sets them apart. As far as you are concerned, the Gospel is about the redemption of humanity, which occurs in the Church. Thus, the Church and the Gospel can never be divorced from one another. Apostolic succession is ultimately about faithfulness to the Apostles’ preaching.

I guess the Book of Common Prayer (Protestant Episcopal Church USA) I inherited from my observant fraternal grandmother rubbed off, plus maybe the Episcopalian christening I received as an infant. That BCP is one brutally Reformed work, I must say.

While I’m not at all wild about the world-flight piety of monasticism jazz, that bit about activism caught my eye. I didn’t expect that from any of the questions posed but am postively giddy about it. And I am only slightly less giddy about the fact that I don’t think the gospel can be torn from its churchly contours. I’ve always thought hearts work best when they stay safely nestled in chest cavities and not so well when plucked out to rest on dusty Durham Trails. Kudos to me.

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One Response to I’m Michael Ramsey

  1. Rev.Rafael Aponte says:

    I have a different designation in this quiz, Thomas Cranmer.

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