Guess the Good Guy


“What we have so far said of the Sacrament abundantly shows that…[it] was not ordained to be received only once a year…it was ordained to be frequently used among all Christians in order that they might frequently return in memory to Christ’s Passion, by such remembrance to sustain and strengthen their faith, and urge themselves to sing thanksgiving to God and to proclaim his goodness…. [T]he Lord’s Table should have been spread at least once a week for the assembly of Christians, and the promises declared in it should feed us spiritually…. All, like hungry men, should flock to such a bounteous repast. ”


Answer: John Calvin Institutes of the Christian Religion John T. McNeill ed Ford Lewis Battles trans Library of Christian Classics (Philadelphia: Westminster, 1960 [1559]) IV.xvii.44, 46

Look at that blemish-free skin, Todd.

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13 Responses to Guess the Good Guy

  1. Echo_ohcE says:

    I don’t know if it’s Calvin, but those are sure his sentiments.

  2. Chris Donato says:

    I suggest, ironically, Zwingli.

  3. Todd says:


    I’m beginning to think you believe weekly communion cures acne also 🙂

  4. Zrim says:

    And I’m beginning to think you believe it causes acne.

  5. Todd says:

    I least I was outwitted by a fellow cynic

  6. Zrim says:

    Todd, we’re skeptics, not cynics.

  7. Todd says:

    yea right

  8. Chris Donato says:

    See, that just wasn’t fair, posting the obvious and all. The irony about Zwingli is, despite his aberrant eucharistic views, many of the churches influenced by him advocated weekly communion.

  9. Zrim says:

    Todd, now you’re just being sarcastic. I like it.

    Chris, fairness is over-rated. But at least Zwingli gets props for getting frequency right.

  10. Todd says:


    We can get into a frequency debate again if you want. Maybe I’ll give you Calvin’s frequency if you give me Calvin’s waiting until around 12 years old before profession.

  11. Zrim says:


    That’s a sweet deal, I’ll take it. But what exactly are you giving up? I mean, I’m as credo-communion as you.

  12. riorancho says:

    I thought you argued for young children, maybe 6 or 7, or younger, to take the Supper. Maybe I misunderstood.

  13. Zrim says:

    I don’t rule out young children being able to table by virtue of being young children. But I think it’s an extraordinary thing and not to be ordinarily expected. It seems to me that paedocommunionists actually expect it to be an ordinary thing. I think PCism is marked by impatience instead of patience.

    Age is a nice guideline, I suppose, but credible profession is actually the driving category to my mind. It may be that age 12-ish is when that ordinarily becomes realistic. But I wouldn’t want to hold back someone who can give a credible profession just because s/he still eats animal crackers.

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