A Clowney Tribute

HeraldsThis book came out a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t seen a whole lot of buzz about it on the blogs so: buzz buzz buzz buzz.

Heralds of the King: Christ-Centered Sermons in the Tradition of Edmund P. Clowney
Edited by Dennis E. Johnson

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Here’s the Chapter list

Part 1. The Law

1. Living with a Gap: Genesis 17:1–14
Joseph V. Novenson

2. The Girl Nobody Wanted: Genesis 29:15–35
Timothy J. Keller

3. Lord and Servant: Genesis 43
Brian Vos

4. Rock of Ages: Exodus 17:1–7
Julius J. Kim

Part 2. The Prophets

5. Surprising Love: 2 Samuel 9
Charles D. Drew

6. Thorns and Fir Trees: Isaiah 55:13
Harvie M. Conn

7. No Condemnation: Zechariah 3
Iain M. Duguid

Part 3. The Psalms

8. Beauty in the Sand: Psalm 90
William Edgar

Part 4. The New Covenant

9. When God Promises the Impossible: Luke 1:5–25
Dennis E. Johnson

10. Soul-Ravishing Sightings: Luke 9:28–36
Joseph F. Ryan

11. The Greatness of God’s Ultimate Word: Hebrews 1:1–3
Arturo G. Azurdia III


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2 Responses to A Clowney Tribute

  1. mboss says:

    Looks good. Another book I don’t have time to read. Sigh.

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