The Confessional Outhouse 2K9 Symposium!

Rube Comes East!

Outhouse contributor RubeRad has finally decided to take a pilgrimage to the land of his fathers and America’s golden city of Dutch Reformed orthodoxy and piety. Yes, he’s coming to GRusalem (or “Little Geneva” or whatever other name you may have for Grand Rapids, MI). To mark this historic event, The Confessional Outhouse will have a dinner and beverage meet-up at a local tavern. This is open to all Outhouse contributors, commenters, fans, lurkers and contrarians that happen to be nearby. If you are reading this and will be in the Grand Rapids area on Thursday, July 16 2009, you are invited to come and enjoy food, spirits, and a lively discussion. How exciting. Please R.S.V.P. in the comment section so we can get a estimated head-count. Must be 21 (unless you bring a parent). Here are the details:
What? The Confessional Outhouse 2K9 Symposium.

Where? At the HopCat in Downtown Grand Rapids. 25 Ionia Ave SW.The corner of Ionia and Weston, one block east of the VanAndel Arena. MAP

When? Thursday, July 16 at 6:00pm. Arrive when you can, leave when you must.

Questions? Ask them below.

We go Dutch (separate checks).

Hope to see you there. BYOTP.


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20 Responses to The Confessional Outhouse 2K9 Symposium!

  1. John Yeazel says:

    What a great idea. I will be in the area visiting a few of my kids who live in “Little Geneva.” Cannot wait to meet some of you incorrigible crudmudgeon types.

  2. RubeRad says:

    Shouldn’t that be W2K9? Looking forward to meeting a bunch of you in person!

  3. John Yeazel says:

    Am not sure if crudmudgeon is spelled right or is even a proper word. My english is often sloppy and I am not very careful in my wording in some of my posts. That probably causes Zrim some problems- I too wish that my intelligence level was much greater in my more depraved moments.

    I motion to bring up the natural law issue in the W2K9 debate. Someone should explain this clearly and show how theologians used it in the past.

  4. Rick says:

    Yes! That was the idea anyway, but I thought the ‘w’ might be implied. Inferred?

  5. Rick says:

    “Someone should explain this clearly”

    I think VanDrunnen does a pretty good job.

    “and show how theologians used it in the past”

    Does the Apostle Paul count? 🙂

  6. John Yeazel says:

    You guys speak over my head. I really was not serious about the natural law thing. It just always seem to be brought up. I have no smiley face access on the ancient computer I am on right now.

  7. Rick says:

    Ha! I should have known. We need sarcasm html tabs.

    Anyone can do a smiley with a colon : and a close parenthesis )

  8. John Yeazel says:

    Yeah, but then you have to turn it 45 degrees and paint it yellow- 🙂

  9. John Yeazel says:

    Wow, my computer illiteracy is amazing- I’m over 50.

  10. Rick says:

    Anyone hear from Wake lately?

  11. John Yeazel says:



    Hey 🙂

  12. John Yeazel says:

    You can do frowns too- was just checking that out!! Will have to use that frown icon more often when dealing with you Calvinists- just kidding 🙂

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  14. Paul M says:

    head count

  15. Anonymous says:

    Are you guys gonna live blog the event, or maybe set up a web-cam? What?

  16. Zrim says:


    Ew, no. Who’d want to see me pick at Rube’s mac ‘n cheese?

  17. RubeRad says:

    I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would pay good money to see me stick a fork in your arm!

    So it looks like the RSVP count is me, Z, Rick, Yeazel, Paul, and my uncle Jim (Bruce S’s baby brother): that’s 6. A cordial gathering indeed. See you tomorrow night for macNcheese and Crack Fries! And maybe a pint, you know, if they have a decent selection…

    Hey! I was just going to link to the web page, and it is gone! I guess they didn’t pay their GoDaddy bill. Well, assuming they didn’t fully close up shop, the address (for reference), is: 25 Ionia Ave SW # 100, Grand Rapids, MI 49503-4179

  18. Rana says:

    so you finally had an outhouse social! hope you all had a good time, loved the “we go Dutch” part, the Dutchie hubs was amused as well.

  19. Zrim says:


    It’s 58 degrees here.

  20. RubeRad says:

    Had a great time, except Rick violated the terms of the covenant of Dutch by buying me a Short’s Chocolate Wheat Porter. I forgave him.

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