Speaking of the Eighth Commandment…


These things are a dime a dozen, and I normally don’t pay much attention for a host of what I hope are obvious reasons. But for kicks and giggles while the office’s machinery was firing up I took the test. The curious thing is that when I got to the question, “Do you know what God did so that you wouldn’t have to spend eternity in Hell?” I answered “Yes.” But I was told anyway, the same as if I had answered “No.”

This isn’t to taunt those who seem to be well intentioned. But insofar as this is the cyber version of the cold caller at my front door, or the sweet gal from the Somewheresville Bible Church float who handed me a similar tract at this year’s Fourth of July parade, it is to wonder if anybody’s really listening when they are going about these things. Whatever else making me an object of conquest to notch up on one’s spirtitual bedpost entails, did the sweet gal realize she may be trafficking in sheep poaching?

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9 Responses to Speaking of the Eighth Commandment…

  1. drollord says:

    Thanks for the helpful link, Z. Apparently I’ve got evangelical ice running through my veins. Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. Renee says:

    I am not sure, but I think I failed the test.

  3. Zrim says:

    Feel zetzed? Me too.

  4. Chris Donato says:

    Somewhat unrelated, but it reminds me of a time back in college when a group of us zealots (from the small Christian college) went to the local, large university campus to hand out tracts.

    On one particular and most memorable occasion, two of us approached a gentleman leaving the library around dusk. We motioned that we’d like to speak with him and proceeded to yank tracts out of our pockets. He ran, no, sprinted, yelling, in the opposite direction. We were a bit tatooed and grungy looking, so I don’t blame him.

    That was the last time I ever went along with that stuff.

  5. Todd says:

    That was you!

  6. Zrim says:

    Hmmm, I gotta see this tat. I’d settle for a verbal description?

  7. Phil Baiden says:

    I recently took my driving theory test. It’s a multiple-choice quiz that tests how well you know the Highway Code. You have to pass it before you take the practical test.
    One of the questions was this:

    You’re driving down a country lane when a man herding sheep asks you to stop. What do you do?

    A. Carry on, he has no authority.
    B. Slow down and plan to stop if necessary.
    C. Sound your horn and rev your engine.
    D. Stop and turn off your engines.

    For some reason this post, especially the picture, reminded me of that question.

  8. Chris Donato says:

    Can’t I just plead the 5th?

    No, really, I was the grungy one; my friend was the tatooed one. I had the hair; he had the starburst Jesus tat covering one side of his whole leg.

  9. drollord says:

    So which choice did you pick?

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