“C” is not for Confessional

This whole “C Street” scandal is tailor-made for the Outhouse, from the horrifying cabal of  “fundamentalist Christians” in the Senate, to its associations with the “Christian Mafia“:

They’re followers of a political religion that embraces elitism, disdains democracy, and pursues power for its members the better to “advance the Kingdom.” They say they’re working for Jesus, but their Christ is a power-hungry, inside-the-Beltway savior not many churchgoers would recognize.

Scarily, probably more “church”goers would recognize this political Jesus than salon.com knows.

But one quote that jumped out at me was this complaint from the pastor of North Congregational United Church of Christ, in Columbus, Ohio:

Is there public worship? Is it open to the public? Are there trained leaders who serve the church? C Street really has none of those marks that make it a church.

I wonder where he got those three marks as the marks of a (true) church? Well, at least he knows there’s three!

Let the ranting begin!

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5 Responses to “C” is not for Confessional

  1. RubeRad says:

    I also hereby solicit wittier titles for this post. What does the “C” in C Street stand for?

  2. RubeRad says:

    Zrim, I’ll save you the trouble of a submission: “What hath C Street to do with Pennsylvania Ave?”

  3. Chris Sherman says:

    Politics makes for strange bedfellows.

    While you are it, here is more fodder for the unbelieving masses:


  4. RubeRad says:

    Yeah, I heard that one on the radio this morning too!

  5. Zrim says:

    When men of one cloth are trying to get men of another cloth stripped of their state-bestowed ecclesial status, I am suspicious. In this case, it seems to be an example of lefty religious culture warriors pushing back against a set of righty religious culture warriors. C Street certainly isn’t a church by any Reformed conception, but something tells me neither is the UCC in Columbus.

    But don’t go by me–I think qualifying Mormons as cultists is just as myopic as Bill Mahar’s disqualifying Sarah Palin for office based on her having kooky religious beliefs (she’s unqualified because she’s a regular kook, and not nearly as funny as Tina Fey).

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