Another – Who Said That?

“In this sickness I had remarkable views of the difference between the church and the world, and how much Christ regards his church, or true believers, above all and everything in the world beside. That Christ’s kingdom is not of this world, and that he cares little how things go in the kingdoms of this world, compared with his regard to what they are in his church; and I had clear and strong views of the duty of ministers of the gospel to be wholly engaged to promote the kingdom of Christ, or true religion, in the hearts and practice of men”

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11 Responses to Another – Who Said That?

  1. John Yeazel says:

    I might be wrong but a few things bother me about this quote: 1) “In this sickness I had remarkable views”- that statement in itself would make my radar go up and I would proceed with caution; 2) “and that he cares little how things go in the kingdoms of this world, compared with his regard to what they are in his church”- this seems to be the case but can we really enter into inner feelings and mind of the Almighty apart from what is revealed to us? That may be more of my Lutheran paranoia then anything else but it does enter into my thinking.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that things we read can seem to agree with what we believe but have subtle nuances in them that can lead us down a slippery slope.

    I would conclude that some of the Reformers would have trouble with this quote and would not say it- but I may be wrong. I do not know who said it.

  2. todd says:


    The reason for the “sickness” needed to be cut off to keep the quote from being too long. It was a time of illness, literal sickness. His “remarkable views” did not come to him via charasmatic revelation, but through thinking and studying.

  3. John Yeazel says:


    That is exactly what I was thinking in regards to charismatic revelation- it struck me as sounding like a Mormon getting a new revelation or some such thing while his mind was being feverishly influenced and not at full capacity.

    So, I guess what you are saying is that it just might be someone coming from a reformation frame of mind.

  4. David Wayne says:

    For some reason the language makes me think of Jonathan Edwards.

  5. todd says:


    Close. It was Presbyterian minister Jacob Green, who served as a Trustee on the College of New Jersey with Edwards. He was Chair of committee to establish a New Jersey constitution in 1776

  6. David Wayne says:

    Thanks for the mention Todd!

  7. John Yeazel says:


    The jollyblogger is coming across as very Lutheran to me- thanks for the link

  8. David Wayne says:

    Hey – keep it down there John! Are you trying to get me in trouble with my presbytery? I’m a good ol’ PCA boy.

    I will say that of late my appreciation for our confessions has grown tremendously. I have always subscribed to the Westminster standards but like a lot of PCA guys I mostly used them as reference points and as interesting cultural artifacts throughout most of my ministry. I have mostly tried to stay on the “cutting edge” of ministry and so most of my attention has been directed more toward the standard stuff you see and hear people talking about – missional, etc..

    Don’t know if you have heard about my health troubles, and I hope people don’t have to have health troubles to have epiphanies, but I have needed a solid place to stand and the confessions have provided that solid place.

    What I have found though is that Luther and my Lutheran friends often do a better job of expressing and leaning on the objective bases of our faith than we PCA folks do. The theology of the cross has been particularly life-giving to me.

    Ironically, even in the PCA I am surrounded by subjectivity but I find that the subjectivists would actually find what they are looking for if they would turn their attention away from chasing experiences to relying on the weightier objective realities that are found in the confessions. So, props to the Lutherans for educating us PCA guys on these matters.

  9. John Yeazel says:


    I enjoyed reading the blog that Todd had linked- I would wholeheartedly agree with it. Sorry to hear about your health problems- I know what you mean about the objective/subjective problem. It seems to be due to the fast-paced lifestyle everyone leads these days and the thirst for more and more “experiences” and distractions. Sometimes health problems and suffering for whatever cause turns out for the better and brings us into a more consistent walk with the Lord. That is really all I care about for the remainder of my days as a pilgrim here on earth.

  10. John Yeazel says:

    Hopefully I did not get you in trouble with your PCA friends

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