R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Sock It To Me

It has been helpfully pointed out to me privately by a former Muscovite that Doug Wilson, as some variation of theocrat, is opposed to any kind of democracy that doesn’t explicitly acknowledge the Lordship of Christ over the nations. Just to be clear, our democracy doesn’t explicitly acknowledge the Lordship of Christ. Thus, my suggestion that Wilson suggests we mayn’t participate in a democracy seems accurate, but for the wrong reasons since the post in question was a call to participate in an antagonistic way against the policies he doesn’t like. Fair enough.

It is worthwhile to point out that there was a Reformed group in history that also took issue with a republic that didn’t explicitly acknowledge Christ as Lord over the nations, the Covenanters. But what made the Covenanters different was that they were a little more consistent in practice with their premise. They deemed it unworthy believers to participate in a polity that was, for all intents and purposes, illegitimate. Two kingdom theology rejects the premise of pressing the crown rights of Christ over the nations, but it does seem that if one is going to hold it then one shouldn’t be a participant in a political arrangement that is silent about Christ’s Lordship. Of course, what Covenanters and theocrats say about the explicit acknowledgment of Christ over the worldly nations seems to be what two-kingomites say about churches. So two kingdomites, drawing on a pilgrim theology over against a theocratic one, have no problem participating in a secular nation, but a secular church will never abide.

Again, initially my use of hyperbole was to suggest the silliness of Wilson’s rhetoric. Some here have gotten way too caught up in my linguistic device when Wilson’s theocratic outlook is the problem. Something about missing forests for trees comes to mind. But if Wilson really thinks a secular nation is finally illegitimate then maybe the hyperbole isn’t quite so hyperbolic? Either that, or Wilson’s theocratic outlook isn’t quite as respectable as something like that of the Covenanters.

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