Guess the Pluralist

We have our definite notion as to the basis of morality, and it is in my belief altogether a religious one. I intend to proclaim that basis of morality is the will of God as revealed by God, and I am interested in the right of all others to maintain that as the only basis of morality. I belong to what is often called a very strict sect, the Presbyterian Church, but it is a sect which has always been devoted to the principles of liberty; and I am unlike a great many of my fellow citizens — tolerance to me means not only tolerance for that with whichI am agreed, but it means also tolerance for that to which I am most violently opposed. I believe in liberty, and, therefore, when I believe I have a right to proclaim the basis of morality which I think is only in the will of God, I also claim the right for other persons to proclaim whatever else they may hold with regard to it.

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5 Responses to Guess the Pluralist

  1. John Harutunian says:

    Woodrow Wilson?

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. todd says:

    That “nope” was me – forgot to add email

  4. RubeRad says:

    Here’s two wrong guesses:

    DVD, Natural Law and the Two Kingdoms (who I don’t expect would use so much “we” and “I”)

    Charles Finney (who started out as a Presbyterian, and ended up writing a “Systematic Theology” which was really about ethics and Pelagianism)

  5. Todd says:

    Much more noble than Finney and Wilson. It was Machen, testifying before the House and Senate on the proposed Department of Education.

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