It’s Like Watching Federer Play

That may not be a good analogy, Roger recently being knocked out of the French Open and all (look up, Roger, age creeps up on all of us). Still, the last two times I’ve been to the U.S. Open and watched Federer systematically take apart his opponent with steady athletic prowess and composure bears striking resemblance to the way Darryl Hart can point out just what’s wrong with a Presbyterian seminary president making the world safe for Beckian poli-tainment and its misguided project of “Christian America.” Quoth he:

If you were as inclined to read Washington’s generic affirmations of providence as charitably as Lillback does, wouldn’t you also be inclined to view Obama as an evangelical Christian? Well, the reply might be, “Obama tolerated Jeremiah Wright and so that indicates the flaws in his devotion.” But Washington’s associations were not always so clean or holy. As the folks over at American Creation have explored, Washington made favorable comments about the Universalists. One could also point out that Washington was a Freemason. So it’s not as if Washington’s faith is squeaky clean compared to Obama’s.

In which case, the reason why Washington gets an orthodox grade and Obama fails has more to do with politics than religion.

Bingo. In 2009, at a night match that was uncharacteristically windy and cold, Federer won a crucial game point against Robin Soderling (who this year was responsible for the aforementioned slaying of the game’s greatest player). What made it fun was that it wasn’t by way of his renowned forehand but on the chase to the baseline and then between his legs. This piece isn’t exactly like that, but it’s just as fun.

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2 Responses to It’s Like Watching Federer Play

  1. John Yeazel says:

    I get that same sense when I read Hart- man, I wish I could do what he does. That borders on idolatry but he probably does not get as much encouragement as he should. I see a lot of people blasting him on other blogs from sides that do not agree with him. He certainly is a controversial figure.

  2. sean says:

    Let’s see, lillback is presiding over, safeguarding and promoting the legacy of Machen’s presbyterianism counter the liberalism of the PCUSA and Princeton. Nice.

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