Calvinist Witnessing

If you’re a Calvinist and you can’t laugh at this then you may be in danger of taking yourself more seriously than your ideas.

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7 Responses to Calvinist Witnessing

  1. John Harutunian says:

    Zrim, I found both the Calvinist and the Arminian witnessing videos uproariously funny.
    And -being a synergist- I now feel pretty good about my position!

    Now don’t you go and come up with a synergist-witnessing video.

  2. Rick says:

    -out of nowhere- “Who are you O man to reply to God?” That cracked me up the most.

    Now, I wonder who made this video; a Calvinist who thinks Calvinist witnessing is bad – or a non-calvinist who thinks Calvinism is bad.

  3. Zrim says:

    Rick, the same person who made this one about hip church planting, new-Calvinist-Driscoll-style:

  4. Rob H says:

    “…please allow me to introduce you to the Scripture.”

  5. hey Zrim, sorry for this, are you able to access oldlife? I’m getting something about “parallels H-sphere” every time I go to the oldlife site. You?

  6. Rick says:

    I haven’t been able to access it today either. It looks like the domain expired.
    It probably just has to be renewed and everything will be restored.

  7. Zrim says:

    By works alone, apart from faith.

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