Even More Reasons to Like Lutherans (You Go, Girl)

Because they’re so bleeping worldly. You can smell earth all over them. One is named Mollie Hemingway. She is a journalist who blogs at GetReligion.org and was briefly interviewed by the Washingtom Examiner. To the question, “Many people consider a vocation to be an occupation — or maybe an occupation that’s especially satisfying. How does the Lutheran understanding of vocation extend beyond our careers?” she answers:

Lutherans have a special understanding of vocation. It’s not limited to one’s job but every single relationship I have, including parent, child, friend, neighbor, parishioner and citizen. It’s any position in which I am the instrument through which God works in the world.

So, for instance, God heals us by giving us doctors and nurses. He feeds us by giving us farmers and bakers. He gives us earthly order through our governors and legislators, and he gives us life through our parents. God is providing all these gifts — but we receive them from our neighbors.

Luther wrote that fathers should not complain when they have to rock a baby, change his diaper, or care for the baby’s mother, but instead should view each act as a holy blessing. Everything we do in service to others is a holy blessing.

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4 Responses to Even More Reasons to Like Lutherans (You Go, Girl)

  1. Chris Donato says:

    If only the puritans were Lutherans (at least on this score) . . .

  2. Chris Donato says:

    Or, to be fair, the 2nd gen puritans, especially those who settled in the New World.

  3. Great quote. I love it!

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