Anyone? Anyone?


At 9Marks Mark Dever asks David VanDrunen for a tutorial on the complex but important topic of a church’s role in political society, and some seem to think the problems with R(eformed) 2K are obvious. Maybe one has to be a theonomist to get it, but what exactly was it at the end of Dever’s line of questioning that was “devastating to VanDrunen’s argument”?

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2 Responses to Anyone? Anyone?

  1. I don’t think Mark Dever took apart anything during the interview. I think the listener is reading into the interview what he wants. DVD explained himself quite well, I thought. And I agree it is compelling. But for some, their desire to transform the world trumps reason.

  2. Adam Parker says:

    I agree with Scott. The questions got trickier at the end of the interview, certainly, but it’s not like VanDrunen didn’t have answers. Just because the answers aren’t as simple as “Jesus takes over the political world” doesn’t mean that anything devastating happened. It was quite an informative discussion, I thought.

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