Save the Date

T. David GordonHere in the Outhouse, we like T. David Gordon. (Heck, any reformed author who wears bowties is all right in our book!)

Well, for all the rest of you T. David Gordon fans in the San Diego area, I am pleased to announce that my kids’ school’s Parent Academy has snagged him to deliver a lecture. Friday April 13, 2012: ink it into your calendar now to keep it reserved!

Originally the topic conceived for that date’s Parent Academy was “Technology’s Impact on our Humanity” (so I was anticipating a live delivery of this fantastic article), but in the latest advertising the lecture is now billed as “Faithful Disciples in a Wired World” — a topic which still resonates strongly with Gordon’s expertise in Media Ecology.

Prior to T. David Gordon next April, there are a number of other Parent Academy events through the school year, and they are all free and open to the public. In fact, just tomorrow night we will be hearing about “The Beauty of Math.” You could even come out in Feb. to hear Horton talk about science! That’s not something you hear every day…

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23 Responses to Save the Date

  1. Zrim says:

    Well, with apologies to both Gordon and The Darryl, bow ties are not Reformed. They are ostentatious and self-promoting and thus do not align with the Reformed virtues of simplicity and self-comportment. Neck ties do and are thus Reformed. Cigars are also not Reformed. They are associated with status, power and a theology of glory and do not align with the Reformed virtues of commonality, humility and a theology of the cross. Pipes are Reformed because they align with the Reformed virtues of learning, contemplation and reverent reflection. The Darryl gets it only half right with the pipe.

  2. RubeRad says:

    “The Darryl”? Any relation to The Dude?

    Re Neck vs. Bow ties, what did the pilgrims wear? Seems like bow ties would align better with simplicity, because they consume less fabric.

    I’ll go with you on the pipe though. I don’t smoke anything myself, but I’ve always thought that if I ever started, it would be a pipe. They smell good.

    Then again, I have a vested interest in promoting cigar-smoking among Reformed men

  3. Zrim says:

    Don’t get me wrong–bow ties are great for flying around town and whatnot. But that doesn’t make them Reformed.

  4. "Michael Mann" says:

    One can smoke a cigar in a t-shirt. To smoke a pipe you need at least one tweed jacket with patches and an expensive bath robe. Too affected, too ostentatious.

  5. RubeRad says:

    Not to mention the cost for all that moustache wax

  6. "Michael Mann" says:

    Anon, not to mention Churchill and Mencken.
    Pipes? Josef Stalin and Hugh Hefner. ‘Nuff said.

  7. Zrim says:

    At least Riddlebarger is a dog man–The Darryl is a cat man. Snuggies and cats are also not Reformed.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s a hard pill to for me to take but, a Reformed view takes Christian liberty seriously. So that would mean owning cats (I see this as sacrificing to idols), wearing bow ties or snuggies (adiaphora) and cigar smoking will just have to be accepted.

  9. Chris Sherman says:

    That was my post. Things have changed since I was last here.

  10. Pooka says:

    I suppose I’m half reformed. Cats, pipe, no bathrobe, but I have a crusty greenish London Fog tweed raincoat. Cats may indicate idolatry since we serve them and they conceive of no being greater than themselves (I think they’re actually an anomaly like the babelfish: a self-realizing event in time-space)I can’t spell old-school or 2k, but I’m reading Machen. Does that all count for anything? Also, Snuggies are dumb, not just not-reformed.

    Found this a while back. Cigars may actually be more reformed cuz they’re manly whereas pipes are sort of metro, it appears:

    That’s all my nonsense for Monday.

  11. RubeRad says:

    Also, Snuggies are dumb, not just not-reformed

    That’s a very 2K sentiment right there. Riddlebarger should know better!

    That looks like a great article on terbaccer, I’ll have to make some time to give it a read!

    (Also, get a bathrobe! The Outhouse is not a sweat-lodge!)

  12. If not fully clad in unstylish curmudgeonly stuff, I tend to run round in a sarong, which is a 2k thing I picked up as a pagan while living in Hawaii. Excellent for smoking a pipe because a) not much there to get stinky, b) cheap so if my pipe explodes and puts holes in it, I can get a new one c) it keeps people worried when they see me outside smoking.

  13. RubeRad says:

    That WAS a great article! I am seriously considering taking up pipe smoking now (but I got a lifetime unbroken streak of never smoking anything to protect)

  14. Pooka says:

    I think your Status as Honorary Pipe & Stogie Aficionado elevates you to a superior position anyway. You get all the cred without stinkin’ up the house. I’m sure the Spouse appreciates that immensely. And yer teeth.

    If you like, I’ll make you a ceremonial pipe for officiating at H&S.

  15. jedpaschall says:

    All of this bourgeois talk of pipes and cigars is enough to make any red blooded man puke in his beret. Give me some Copenhagen any day over those high-falutin tobacco products. Lucky Strikes will also do in a pinch. I’ll even wear my tuxedo t-shirt while enjoying, or my Pabst Blue Ribbon T, makes no difference.


    My wife and I will try to make the trip down from Murrieta to hear Gordon’s lecture. She’s an educator, so she might get a lot out of it, and it’ll be a good excuse for me to drag her down to sit through a theology lecture (her interests are more in the areas of morphology and phonetics).

  16. Zrim says:

    Do you wear a raspberry beret, the kind you’d find in a second hand store (and walk in through the out door, out door)? But have you received your “I HEART NYC (the way it is and wouldn’t transform a thing)” tee shirt yet? Now that’s what I’d call Reformed-wear.

  17. RubeRad says:

    Hey sweet, Jed! I look forward to meeting you there. (Make sure you wear your raspberry beret so I know who you are)

    Note also from Gordon’s posted schedule, it looks like he’ll be in Temecula in Feb, which would be a lot easier for you to get to. I’m trying to find out what that event is, and when I get some details I’ll post it here.

  18. jedpaschall says:

    If Prince, (or TFAP, or the Artist) told me to wear a raspberry beret, you can bet I would, since that’s one bad mamma jamma. But, Rube, for you, I’ll ask my wife, but you can be assured that she will either say “no way” or I’ll be the lone wolf in the fuchsia hat and a black eye, who will leave at the end of the conference to sleep on the couch.

    You gotta love how Gordon spells it Temeculah, but we’ll show him some of Temecula Valley’s finer wines, and he’ll get it right.

  19. jedpaschall says:

    I HEART NYC (the way it is and wouldn’t transform a thing)” tee shirt


    Is this what you wore to the occupy GR protest, in order to stand against the oppressive, and rising tide of neoCalvinism?

  20. Zrim says:

    No, I just wear an ordinary necktie to church twice on Sunday. Fight the power!

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