Preaching on the Plains

As OHS DGH has noted, there is something peculiar about the OPC that causes it to write histories of itself. I am pleased to announce another data point on that arc; Preaching on the Plains, the memoir of David K. Myers, an OPC circuit preacher across the Dakotas and Montana, is now available in paperback, and as a free E-book.

Myers was among the founding generation of OPC pastors that stood alongside Machen in the modernist/fundamentalist controversy, and it was Myers (among others) that Machen was visiting when he died (after sending his famous telegram to Murray). As Myers recounts,

Dr. J. Gresham Machen, though ill, came out to Bismarck to help his “boys” when they were facing possible loss of their church properties. At the end of his tour, he was to speak in the city auditorium in Bismarck. I remember it well, for my wife and three children (John was a year old), accompanied me as we traveled through the extreme weather the 120 miles from Lemmon to Bismarck to hear him. It proved to be Dr. Machen’s last address. A perfect gentleman, he was first a man of God who knew what it was to stand, like Luther, who had said only three centuries earlier, “Here I stand, I can do no other.” No other man was as responsible as Dr. Machen, for his stand was without compromise and led many young men to follow in his steps.

More importantly, Myers was also father to my dear friend Mary (who was one of the children along for the ride from Lemmon to Bismarck), which allows me to claim a coveted Machen Number of 3.

Hop on over to the book’s website and check it out!

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