Two Kingdoms Illustrated

No, I’m not starting a magazine (can you imagine the swimsuit issue?), merely sharing a post from a blog I follow, Anonymous Doctor; in which a Doctor shares anecdotes from his work. Anonymously.

In today’s episode, the good (but Anonymous) Doctor is called upon to treat a radical worldviewist:

“Who ya voting for, doc?”

“Excuse me?”

“Who’s your Presidential candidate?”

“Let’s worry about medicine, not politics.”

“No, I’m serious. I don’t want to be treated by someone who doesn’t see the world the way I do.”

“You want a doctor who sees the world in terms of health and illness. You don’t want a doctor worried about politics.”

“Sure I do. I want a doctor who wants to keep folks like me alive to vote for the right person for President.”

“I assure you, I’m trying to keep you alive no matter who you want to vote for.”

“Well that’s just stupid of you.”

“Probably is.”

(On a separate note, Happy Birthday Geerhardus Vos!)

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