Just Asking

Here is a video that has been making the rounds lately. I have to admit, normally this kind of thing wouldn’t make so much as a blip on my own radar. True, one kind of revivalist publicly exposing another kind of revivalist does seem to have the sort of irony a lover of irony should love. But, meh. You see one revivalist turf war and you’ve seen them all.

But what piqued my interest was how so many Reformed Christians were heaping the praise on Calvary Chapel Pastor Scott Rodriguez for heaping rebuke on Prophetess Dayna Muldoon. Huzzas for Pastor Scott ran along the lines of “Good on him!” to “I guess the gospel still offends shameless charlatans.”

Obviously, I’ve no need to give any cover to the likes of Muldoon. What she offers is about as far from orthodoxy as one could get, true. But in the throes of all the hard-hitting plaudits, I couldn’t help but have a few questions. There are plenty of religious outfits and organizations that tout themselves as channels of Christian and religious orthodoxy even here in Little Geneva that are also far removed from Reformed orthodoxy, from your usual Roman Catholic churches to your Mormon and Jewish Temples, to name just several. Would anyone think of showing up in the middle of their public services and disrupting them in such a bold way? Is there anything unbecoming about what Rodriguez did? Does it matter? Is it possible that Rodriquez is just as given to wanting to be the center of attention as Muldoon might be? Is there a difference between vigorously opposing that which opposes the gospel and singling out certain kinds of opposers as deserving especially forward and blunt criticism? Is this really only about preserving the true gospel and protecting people from being sucked into the cultish maneuvers of wily profiteer and religious wing nut? Is there a biblical justification for this kind of confrontation?

I ask because human beings are involved, and from my own experience this usually means whatever is going on it’s typically a lot more complicated than good guys (or gals) versus bad guys (or gals). I also get a little nervous when crowds are shouting for necks to hang high and heads to roll. It conjures up Good Friday type vibes. I’m just asking, but maybe to ask is to answer.

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4 Responses to Just Asking

  1. sean says:

    “I ask because human beings are involved, and from my own experience this usually means whatever is going on it’s typically a lot more complicated than good guys (or gals) versus bad guys (or gals).”

    This is what resonates. They may not be deserving of the consideration as Imago Dei creatures, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are just that, created in God’s image, and that must give us all pause when we seek to embarrass or dishonor that creation.

  2. Adam says:

    Well, having come from that particular group myself, I can testify that what you saw Rodriguez do is representative of their general stance toward almost everybody that differs from them, Word-Faith, Hyper Pentacostal, Reformed, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, etc. They tend to only speak up when they feel that they have an overwhelming advantage over their opponent. But privately they tend to speak of all with whom they disagree with in this manner. You have to remember as well, that the sort of sensibilities that the confessional reformed have in regards to authority and the power to declare heresy is antithetical to the Calvary Chapel type of organization. We believe that it resides with Synods and Councils whereas they give it straight to the individual with no mediation and little or no instruction. Just my opinion though.

  3. Zrim says:

    More reason for Reformed who high-five Rodriguez to think twice–they may be next on his list.

  4. Adam says:

    Precisely. The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend.

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