No Blue

Echo’s assertion that the sky is blue reminded me of one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever heard on the radio (maybe I have to add Radiolab to WWDTM and Table Talk Radio on my podcast list).

Do yourself a favor and click here and go learn about how the blueness of the sky (or even the existence of blueness!) is more an accident of advanced linguistics and color technology than fundamentally true — more nurture than nature. (And that’s just one segment, you might as well listen to the whole episode…).

So the tie-in to religion here is the assertion that “blue” never shows up in the Bible. “But wait!” you might object, “What about the tabernacle, with its ‘blue and purple and scarlet’ all over the place?”

Turns out, the lexicon entry for blue (ironically, that link is brought to you by is not so clear:

1) violet, violet stuff

a) violet thread

b) violet stuff or fabric

2) (TWOT) blue (covering spectrum from brilliant red through deep purple)

For more Color-and-Christianity-related interestingness, see also here.

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One Response to No Blue

  1. RubeRad says:

    Another biblical connection here; that page opens with:

    What is the color of honey, and “faces pale with fear”? If you’re Homer–one of the most influential poets in human history–that color is green.

    Note from the Thayer’s lexicon entry for Strongs 5515 (chloros), that Homer is the reason we know that the fourth horseman is not riding a Green horse, but a Pale horse. (all 3 other NT uses of chloros refer to grass)

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