Guess Who

Cornelius Van Til stands as the prince of twentieth-century Christian apologetics. He has had by far the most profound impact on my own thinking of all my teachers. His theological insight and prophetic witness have been a conscience, if not canon, and his warmly human and gracious godliness has been an inspiration for the life which is in Christ Jesus. To turn a biblical phrase, may he not regard the small estate of this book but only the unbounded esteem and affection his servant, the author, would express in dedicating it to him.

Who has unbounded esteem and affection for CVT and his prophetic canon? Guess the author and the book, and you win free unlimited access to the entire back archives of the Confessional Outhouse!

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5 Responses to Guess Who

  1. "lee n. field" says:

    “Sensei” Klein?

  2. RubeRad says:

    Indeed it is; care to guess the book?

  3. claimless creature says:

    It is the closing of Kline’s preface on page 15 of my copy of The Structure of Biblical Authority.

  4. RubeRad says:

    That is correct!

    So I’m curious what anybody knows about the relationship between CVT and MGK; what did CVT think of MGK’s work?

  5. "lee n. field" says:

    I did not recall that comment from the multiple times I’ve read SOBA. (It seems to take me about 3 times through before I get what he’s trying to say.) What I did recall was an anecdote Kim Riddelbarger recounted, to illustrate MGK’s regard for Dr.vanTil. In here somewhere. Odd, what sticks in the mind.

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