What Would Jesus Brew?

From my buddy Mike Hess, owner and proprietor of Hess Brewing (and sole provider of liquid refreshment to Hoagies&Stogies), here’s an unfortunately titled article in the Wall Street Journal. This bit in the middle is about Hoagies&Stogies:

For at least two church brewing groups, the activity has gone commercial. Hess Brewing Co. in San Diego and Monday Night Brewing in Atlanta both started as Bible study group projects.

Mike Hess says the New Life Presbyterian Church group began with a dozen members and now boasts between 60 and 80 regulars with as many as 100 on occasion. That helped him “drain tanks” regularly, test out several recipes and get feedback on the flavors and styles. Hess Brewing is expanding into a new, larger location—a former Christian book store that had been owned by church members. Mr. Hess’s Belgian “Trinitas” beer, named for the Holy Trinity, is now one of the brewery’s mainstays.

I wouldn’t call H&S a “Bible study group project”; usually I call it something like a Reformed Men’s Theological Debate Society.

I guess it’s not too surprising that WSJ jumped on the phrase WWJB (and Google says it’s fairly ubiquitous), but happily the real point is captured fairly well in the closing quote of the article. Rather than beer being somehow sanctified through association with Jesus or his church, “beer or alcohol in moderation can be a gift from God’s creation.”

So how about you pop open a nice cold gift from God’s creation, and kick back and watch this cool time-lapse video of heavy machinery installing giant brew vessels into their basement home at the new Hess Brewery?

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1 Response to What Would Jesus Brew?

  1. RubeRad says:

    I think Jn 2:10 clearly indicates that Jesus would not brew Busch light…

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