the myth continues

Haven’t posted in a very long time. Actually forgot I was part of this. But here are a couple of videos selling Christian America you might like.



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4 Responses to the myth continues

  1. Zrim says:

    Todd, on that second one, tagged under myths seems about right. What are these kids going on about? If personal experience counts for much then my own time as a student in public schools, a teacher in public schools, a parent of children in public schools, and now working in the public education sector, I have to claim puzzled over where all this antagonism and persecution is. Sounds a lot more like the manufactured martyrdom narrative.

  2. RubeRad says:

    Yes, if public school were that powerful, then it would be able to overcome the home environment and culture that produces this tragic situation

  3. todd says:

    Yes, and on their website is this: “Our youth are attending church for a couple hours, but they are living and moving in a world that no longer recognizes Christ as God. Actually, should we be surprised at what our youth are becoming? In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, we are creating a C-4™ Community, A Christ-Centered, Counter-Culture.”

    I wonder if they got approval from Moscow for such an endeavor.

    And why always Idaho?

  4. Zrim says:

    I blame potatoes. I’m never more warrior-minded as when I eat potatoes. It’s why the Irish are so scrappy.

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