The Gospel According to Billy Connolly

Billy Connolly, discussing his youthdom in Catholic school:

I never met a  priest on earth who could tell you anything about heaven, but they knew every square inch of hell. Robert Burns said he can only presume it’s because they’ve had a guided tour of the place. When I started Catholic school sister Philomena was the headmistress, and she had pictures of hell on her office wall. I guess it was from Dante’s Inferno. Because God’s Dead, and it’s Your Fault. That’s what always got me. He died for me, but I hadn’t been born yet.

Unfortunately, that spark didn’t take, and the cat-lickers managed to turn him off from faith altogether.

The quote is from conversation in this interview (with some back-and-forth edited out). Warning, if you can’t tell from the name of the podcast, that interview is full of unsanctified words.

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