Vos Study #9

Vos Study #8 covered the first half of chapter 5, Development leading up to Noachian revelation, and Vos Study #9 finishes chapter 5 with (post-flood) Noachian revelation.

This episode is a Klineophile’s dream. They go well beyond Vos and spend a lot of time unpacking what Kline had to say, and there’s even a positive mention of “brother Van Drunen’s” use of Noachian revelation in his treatment of Common Grace.

First off, they spend a good bit of time on Kline’s treatment of the covenantal rainbow as just a bow, a weapon, retired from attacking the earth, and hung up to rest, pointing away from the earth, and even towards God who is willing to redeem men by taking their punishment onto themselves.

There’s a good discussion of what can go wrong when the common, universal covenant to preserve life until the final judgment, is conflated or flattened with redemptive covenants. On the one hand, you can get Theonomy, where elements of the redemptive covenant are imported into secular government. On the other hand, you get Catholicism, where the entire earth becomes sacramental (see Sacramentum Mundi), and salvation is somehow extended to all.

And near the end, there’s a great discussion of the concept of Intrusion. Bucey makes an interesting point; in the many examples where Israel does not fully destroy Canaanites as God has commanded, that is an unauthorized extension of common grace. (And God punishes them for that). Tipton points out that examples of intrusion are always tied to a holy place installed on earth (the ark, the temple, the land of Israel, etc.).

All in all, a great episode, I recommend you go give it a listen (you don’t need to have listened to all the previous ones). You just can’t go wrong with a podcast that includes the sentence “And that’s why were’ not Theonomists.”

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