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Finney Friday: On Being Filled With the Spirit

Here Finney describes the consequences of having and not having the Holy Spirit. For the essay section of today’s examination, describe all the similarities between the Spirit and Charles Finney. Lecture VII: On Being Filled with the Spirit THE CONSEQUENCES … Continue reading

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Finney Friday: Fanatical Foes, Picky Presbyterians

Today Finney describes the Old School opposition to his New Measures, shows his preference for Methodist ministers because they “pour fire” on hearers, complains about Princeton, and likens New Measure critics to Roman Catholics. Lecture XIV: Measures to Promote Revivals … Continue reading

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Finney Friday: The New Measures

“Perhaps it is not too much to say, that it is impossible for God himself to bring about reformations but by new measures.” – Charles Finney Today Finney lectures on three of his revivalistic techniques or “new measures.”  Maybe you … Continue reading

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Finney Friday: A Wise Minister Will Be Successful

Why Finney? Because he won.  Or, visiting the chicken-and-egg dilemma, because he saw something in his American audience that made him think his approach would work. So, whether he was a lasting influence or there is an enduring American psyche’, … Continue reading

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Finney Friday

Continuing our look at the Second Great Awakening, today we’ll consider excerpts from Charles Finney’s Lecture 1: What a Revival Is. There is so little principle in the church, so little firmness and stability of purpose, that unless the religious … Continue reading

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Sunday Thursday/Friday: Commandments 11-13

“[O]ne journalist remarked that Sunday preached for over two and a half hours on the evils of card playing and dancing with hardly a reference to religious doctrine at all, basing his argument ‘from beginning to end on the effect … Continue reading

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Sunday Friday: The Need of Revivals

Billy Sunday (1862-1935) preached before perhaps 80 million people during what is popularly known as the Second Great Awakening. An itinerant revivalist, he was a driving force behind the Prohibition movement. Whether he was a shaping influence on conservative American … Continue reading

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