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I’m Glad Somebody Else Said It

The Ecclesial Calvinist (William B. Evans) is always worth reading, especially when he says something one has always suspected but been reticent to say aloud. Whenever the issue of creation and length of days comes up in conservative circles, one … Continue reading

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Who Said That

Upon reading this… Books about Christianity and culture often spend much time speaking about cultural activities such as education, vocation, and politics but say little about the church…many of them seem to treat the church as of secondary importance for … Continue reading

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Wheat and Chaff

Alan Jacobs speculates on what it means (or doesn’t, as the case may be) to be a conservative: I am not and never have been a Republican. I feel roughly as alienated from that party as I do from the … Continue reading

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What She Said

It’s hard enough to advocate for a form of educational delivery many in our conservative Reformed environs deem as unwise at best and satanic at worst–have you ever noticed how the Reformed talk about secular education the way Fundamentalists talk … Continue reading

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Millman on the “Bad Book” Theory

It’s a fairly popular way of theorizing against Islam, namely that to be a good Muslim one must also embrace violence. But, loathe as I am to admit, it may be that NRA logic is onto something. Maybe books don’t … Continue reading

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Now That’s A Communion Rail

In light of the recent dust-up that Darrell Todd (“Scoop”) Maurina’s hit piece has created (again, again, again, and again.But wait, there’s more), an Outhouse correspondent has reached back into the archives and requested something get re-posted. As if Old … Continue reading

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