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Speaking of Common Grace…

What do Abraham Kuyper and Jean Valjean have in common?  An at once modest but high view of political institutional power. But too often the freedom championed today is the freedom of the antinomian revolutionaries, a blanket “freedom from” with no … Continue reading

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All Work and No Play

Some of the discussion at OldLife about high and low culture has prompted me to re-post.

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Who Said That?

A denial of our creatureliness leads to a denial of the various ways we are indebted and gives rise to the autonomous individual. Autonomous individuals are marked by ingratitude, for their faces are turned unstintingly toward the blinding light of … Continue reading

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Colbert For President

  Probably not. But Pulpit Freedom Sunday, the evangelical version of the Catholic Fortnight for Freedom, is upon us tomorrow. And in addition to receiving Christ and him crucified tomorrow, it may be more edifying today to listen to Gross … Continue reading

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And Even More Reason to Love Lutherans

And snicker at Baptists and Presbyterian leaning Baptists, and did I mention that Methodists are Baptists who can read (thanks, Tom Skerritt). But seriously, flow charts are all the rage in Dispensationalism, even if to the infernal chagrin of Amilennialists. … Continue reading

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This Makes Up For The Stellman-2k Thing

At least for me. During my own time within the egalitarian CRC, it always seemed to me that the ordination issue was a battle between the culturalists who wanted men to know the world is flat and those who wanted … Continue reading

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Speaking of Gay Marriage (and The Abiding Validity of Abstention)

David Blankenhorn has recently amended his posture on the whole issue. Some conservative Calvinists find much with which to resonate in Blankenhorn’s outlook, but also worry that a public intellectual ought not to resign himself like this. Point well taken. … Continue reading

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