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Advantage 2K

Since this nugget was quoted in none of the responses to DGH’s response to the response to the response to the…, I thought it would be good fodder for a discussion here in the ‘house. From DVD’s Nth level response … Continue reading

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WCF Says No on Gay Marriage

To pull a trick from Zrim’s bag, I think it’s time for a re-post, revised and expanded for our current times (because if the Outhouse is about anything, it’s about Relevance!) The question came up what (R/W/Z)2K’ers think of the … Continue reading

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Is He Talking to Us?

Amidst the screeching across the P&R internets in the wake of the nuclear bomb that was dropped yesterday, Carl Trueman stands out as a thoughtful, and even useful voice. Jason Stellman was a man with a high ecclesiology; and high … Continue reading

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Trinity Hymnal, T. David Gordon Edition

Coming up in just three weeks, not only is T. David Gordon speaking to my kids’ schools Parent Academy, on the following evening (Sat Apr 14) he will address Hoagies & Stogies, on the topic of his recent book, Why … Continue reading

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Two Kingdoms Illustrated

No, I’m not starting a magazine (can you imagine the swimsuit issue?), merely sharing a post from a blog I follow, Anonymous Doctor; in which a Doctor shares anecdotes from his work. Anonymously. In today’s episode, the good (but Anonymous) … Continue reading

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Thesis Thursday

We have hit an anniversary here at Thesis Thursday. Walther’s 1st lecture was September 12, 1884, and his 32nd lecture was June 19, 1885. Then apparently the seminary took a summer break, because Lecture 33 wasn’t until September 4, 1885, … Continue reading

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What Has Been Will Be Again, There Is Nothing New Under The Sun

Sensing the rumblings of social discontent in the 1870s, as gauged by popular economist Henry George and others, the architects of the social gospel emphasized justice and physical redemption in this present world over spiritual salvation in the life to … Continue reading

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