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This Makes Up For The Stellman-2k Thing

At least for me. During my own time within the egalitarian CRC, it always seemed to me that the ordination issue was a battle between the culturalists who wanted men to know the world is flat and those who wanted … Continue reading

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Is He Talking to Us?

Amidst the screeching across the P&R internets in the wake of the nuclear bomb that was dropped yesterday, Carl Trueman stands out as a thoughtful, and even useful voice. Jason Stellman was a man with a high ecclesiology; and high … Continue reading

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Trueman on Puerile Religion

Over at the Q: Ideas blog Chris Donato asks Carl Trueman some questions about civil religion, secularization and poli-tainment. I have always been struck myself at the general adolescent impulse that beats beneath American Protestantism, so I found this question … Continue reading

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